Sunday, December 16, 2012


I missed visiting with Roxanne this week. We usually see each other every week, but we've all been busy lately. I checked up with her on e-mail, and she makes me tired reading this:
How are you doing!
I'm good! I'm sooooooo busy all of the time though! Blah! :(  I can't wait until the weekend is through. Then life will get much better.
How are you surviving these last few days of school?
I'm just barely surviving. I took a test today, had three essays due yesterday, finished my internship and presentation and final evaluation last week, and just have a couple more things to go! My last final is Friday.
Are you ready for your finals?
If I'm not now, I'll never be. The past two nights I have been up until 3 am studying.
Are you still taking your GRE this weekend?
Yes. Did you know Jonny and I are taking it together?
What are you doing this Saturday night? I've had a few people in the ward ask about you and who is your new boyfriend. You'll have to bring him around sometime.
Jonny and I will be there! I already talked to him about it.  Guess where he's taking me Friday night? To Phoenix Symphony Hall to watch the Nutcracker! What a gem. We're a classy couple - going to a ballet for date night and all, haha

Roxanne is wrapping up her undergraduate studies this semester and is ready to graduate Magna Cum Laude (which she had to explain to me) from ASU! Hoo-ray! She did it in 3 1/2 years and is applying for a Masters program for next fall. This is an amazing girl. (one of many we have at this house!)
I got a text from her on Friday afternoon - "I'm done with all my finals!!!!!!  I'm a college graduate!"
This is Roxanne getting inducted into the Honors Society a couple weeks ago.

Look at this proud papa!

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Lauri said...

She is an amazing young woman. I can't believe she is graduating magna cum laude AND finished in 3 1/2 year AND worked AND dated. Quiet impressive. (and she and Jonny do make a classy couple)