Saturday, December 29, 2012

polar express

Just to catch up on our month, we had a ward party earlier this month with a Polar Express theme. I've got to say, it was adorable! The kids all got a ticket to get on the train (although there had to be an explanation to some of the kids that we weren't actually going to be getting on an actual train). 

Sydney (in the photo below holding the adorable Oliver) headed up the committee and she was amazing. Everyone was asked to wear pajamas to the event. That, in itself was fun. The Bishop was the train conductor and punched the tickets as everyone came in.

Did you know that if you can't find any obnoxious pink bunny slippers for your husband to wear to a pajama party, you can get cheap little stuffed animals and just sew them on the tops of regular slippers, add a little fur trim and  . . . . voila!
Sydney asked me to paint a polar express train. I always like getting assignments to do before the event. Then my job is done and I can just enjoy the party. I found some cardboard panels and just guessed at the size I would need for this train so I brought home 4 panels. When I got them home, I realized they were HUGE! It ended up being 12 feet long I stood them up around the island in the kitchen and started painting around and around the kitchen. I got my walk in that day painting up and down the train panels. It ended up being a fun prop for the evening.
Then guess who got to be Santa. Yes, I am officially married to Santa Claus. Roxanne and Melanie were Santa's helpers for the evening.

There was just one unfortunate detail in the day.  Santa posed in front of the train. . . kind of like Jesus in the background. I need to refer to Carrie Underwood for the caption of this photo - "Jesus, take the Wheel" !


Terri said...

Cindy my friend, you are an amazing woman. I LOVE reading your blog and admiring the things you do. I want to be more like you. Perhaps in 2013.

Robyn said...

Ha, that past picture is kind of funny, in a sacrilegious way. I guess Santa does represent Jesus in some ways, huh? Your train was AMAZING!!! It really made the night special. And that Santa...