Saturday, December 22, 2012

adventures at the thrift stores

Going to the thrift store is an adventure. I am always entertained at Savers. Not only are the humans interesting,  but the items for sale on the shelf are quite fascinating. Why oh why do people feel a need to donate items that clearly need to be placed in the garbage can? I assume the store makes a decision when things are donated between what is trash and what is treasure, so these items actually made it through the first sifting process. 
Here is a very sad tree. It is about 15" tall, is an ugly faded army green, and is mangled and worn. And for sale!
I'm not sure what this is, or what its purpose is, but the plastic mesh, cross stitched raccoon is a steal at $2.99
This is fascinating. It is a nativity set with Mary and the baby. Joseph has apparently gone on a walk-about. The glue that is holding the family into the stable has aged and yellowed and gives a sad Jaundice tint to the holy family.
Again with the yellowing, this snow globe has yellowed so badly, you can hardly see the snow scene. Who is not aware that some things just need to be thrown in the trash?
This seems to be in good shape, yet a bit weird. And really, would you buy something with a straw that someone else has used? Glassware and cups can be cleaned, but a bendy straw? I doubt you could properly sterilize someone else's germs out of that. Gross.
 This was once a cute little handmade christmas tree someone made for their sweet grandma. Only she could love or appreciate this. No one else should have to. It is a stack of misc fabrics stacked into a toppling tree shape with massive christmas ornaments hung from it and held up with a stack of glued together popsicle sticks. Really, grandmothers, feel free to throw things away after the appropriate time of displaying your grandchildren's crafts.
 Ok, an alligator head. Weird, but kind of cool
 An ape in a fashionable striped tee.
This was actually in good shape, but I'm not sure what is was for, or what kind of store originally sold this critter. A satanic mouse with flames whipping up the bottom of its cape.
 Another homemade craft, Santa is riding a cow. Yippee-i-o!
 Who can live without a frog prince?
The best thrift store find ever? Rachel came home from 10th grade once and said she needed a red trench coat for a skit she was in that evening, she was supposed to be 'Carmen San Diego'. After giving her a lecture about not letting me know earlier, we headed over to Savers, walked over to their coats and landed a perfect red Carmen San Diego trench coat for $12! A 99 cent straw hat and a can of spray paint completed the outfit in time for her theatrical debut that evening!


Lauri said...

Rachel let me borrow that red trench coat but then told me she didn't want it back. I sent it to the thrift store. I wonder who has it now?

Cynthia said...

Hopefully it's living a good life out there somewhere.