Sunday, January 19, 2014

wedding crazy-ness

It's usually Melanie who is the center of all the photographic silliness, but I think Dave and Jonny gave her a run for her money at this event.


 Dave was the king of the Photo Bomb!




 ( Lest anyone think we were inappropriate on the temple grounds, . . .  it's possible. )


Saturday, January 18, 2014

rainy day photo shoot

Rachel and Kyle set up a photo shoot the day before their wedding.  I happen to think it's a genius idea.They can take their time to get some great photos both around the temple and at a secondary site.  It doesn't interfere with the schedule on the actual wedding day. They can spend time getting the shots they want without holding up the rest of the family.  (Thank you to Brushfire Photography and crescendo films  )
I never follow the weather forecasts, but 10 days before the wedding, Lauri informed me we were expecting perfect wedding weather.  Then 4 days later she informed me that maybe the forecasts were off and it looked like rain was on it's way. Then the forecasts said rain was 100% sure for the whole wedding weekend!  Luckily, we weren't planning an outdoor event, but all the photo shoots would, of course, be a problem.  I asked Rachel what she was thinking about her 2 hour photo shoot Friday morning.  She said they were going forward, even if they had to take all their pictures under the porch of the temple.
Thursday night it started to pour.  The girls went out Thursday night looking for an umbrella and found a cute clear umbrella that added to an adorable photo shoot. It poured all night long.  Friday morning it was still raining. Rachel and Kyle got out to Desert Botanical Gardens and the Temple and the rain let up for the whole time they were there.  The overcast sky made for some great photography lighting. Only near the end did it start to sprinkle again and rained the rest of the day.