Tuesday, January 7, 2014

overheard at christmas

 An enormous moth was fluttering around over our dinner table as we were getting ready to eat.  Thinking it was attracted to the overhead light, we switched off the light and the moth immediately flew down toward the candles on the table and into the food dishes.  Screaming ensued.  We finally coaxed the moth toward the door, but it was entranced by the Christmas tree lights. We tried shaking it out of the tree but we never saw it again.
Kyle is an excellent cook, but also an adventurous eater.  We all brought an interesting or favorite dish to share for Christmas Eve dinner.  Kyle's was seafood based, which Rachel and Kyle love, but some (most) of the rest of us don't. There was an interesting discussion of eating heads and tentacles.
Melanie said she was going to make something fancy like Creme Brulee (not even knowing what that was, it just sounded 'fancy').  She couldn't think of anything else, so she made some Creme Brulee!

Muddy Buddies, an oddly regular dish at every holiday meal - passed around the table. "Send it around again!!"

"It's a no burn day! What are we doing with all these candles?"

We had a discussion around the dinner table Christmas Eve - What have you accomplished this year, what are you looking forward to next year. Rachel tried to list graduation and marriage. "Hey, hold on. Only ONE! You can't show us up!"

Brady - "I can't think of anything."
 "You got a smart phone this year"
 "That is not an accomplishment.  If anything, it's made me dumber."

Roxanne and Jonny had 2 crazy dog-sitting experiences recently: "Lexi is the quietest unhappy dog we have ever seen. She just gently bumps her head against the door to remind us she is there."

We've always just opened one gift on Christmas eve, but we ended up opening three or four.

First, some Christmas Jammies!

Dave decided to have everyone open a gift on Christmas Eve - two cans each of Silly String!

Then we decided to open one more family gift.  Who doesn't love the gift of Karaoke?

Mad Camera Skillz: "Wait, the camera is on???"

Melanie (not sure if she remembered what Stephanie collects but got something for her collection anyway) as she hands it to her:  "This could be awkward or perfect."  "I hope it's not a baby. I don't want one of those!"

Spent 15 minutes trying to get a roaring fire playing on our TV. "Now I feel like my hair will catch on fire if I sit in front of it."

A long scarf :  "Ooooh - I feel like I'm at Hogwarts"

A wedding photo book to Mom from Roxanne.  Rachel: "Sorry Mom, I didn't get the memo."

Dave, opening a gift of Tractor books from me:  "Did you know I love you? You've changed our whole relationship."

Jonny shakes every present and tries to guess - "I think it's a t-shirt, from the feel I'd say crewneck, navy blue."

A round candle - "This is kind of like a globe - global warming!"

Roxanne and Jonny labeled all their gifts very creatively: "To Grizzly Adams   From The Mexicans"

Opening a gift: "I'm not going to show you - you can't see it"
"Why, is it underwear?  is it chocolate? is it chocolate covered underwear?

Roxanne opening a gift: "I hope it's not a baby.  I couldn't even take care of a puppy. What would I do with a baby?!"

Talking about childhood and teenage injuries: Jonny: "Now we're going to talk about my staples.  I'm warning you. I can definitely top your stitches stories!"

"Are you a psychic?"
"A little . . . and I knew you'd ask that!"


Lauri said...

My favorite post of the year!!!

Terri said...

Someday, I would love to come to your Christmas Eve celebration. Nothing can top it.