Saturday, June 12, 2010

stuff going on around here

Lunch on the jobsite. Hard hats required.
Tomatoes from our garden that we are eating fast and furious.Gingerbread houses with friends. (In June, . . . I don't know why)
A forty-nine year old. My neice's awesome wedding.
An adorable bride.A nephew that I probably could have guess would end up in the pool in his wedding clothes by the end of the evening.
Three gorgeous girls.
Three awesome sisters. (ok, three sisters and a nephew.) (ok, well actually 2 sisters and a sister in law and a nephew.)
Four people who I love.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday morning

Dear Bathroom Scales,
I've got a goal to meet by Saturday. Could I have a little bit of cooperation, please? I'd appreciate it.
Love, Cynthia

Dear Phoenix Firemen,
Thank you for your early morning jog in the park this morning. You make the desert scenery so lovely.

Dear young couple that is the epitome of youth, good looks, athletics, hair salons and tanning booths,
You chose the ugliest dog I have ever seen as a pet. What were you thinking?

Dear Scruffy man in the fishing hat,
There's no need to greet your fellow hikers with that kind of morning breath.
Just saying . . .

Dear little old lady with the hiking poles,
How in the heck can you hike so much faster than me? I've been working on endurance and speed all year. I've got much more endurance, but I guess I still need to work on speed.

Dear little red snake on the trail,
I am supposing you are perfectly harmless. For sure you are teeny tiny. However, I would appreciate it if you stayed off the trail, (for your own safety, of course). You scared me and made me a bit jumpy the rest of the morning. You lizards darting across the trail . . . you weren't helping either.

Dear Phoenix Mountains,
I love you too.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

things that are bugging me lately

How come it got so hot so fast this week??
The desert grass and greenery are not grassy or green anymore.
As I type this, I am holding the phone to my ear waiting for a customer service rep. It has been 23 minutes now.
I have a delicious dinner cooking in the oven. It smells great. I don't know if anyone is going to be home to eat it with me tonight.
The U.S. Postal Service has a feature on their web site to look up zip codes. It has boxes to type in an address and it has a box for the zip code. Why?
A hub cap/tire cover thing on my back tire came off. It makes our car look trashy. I don't know where to get another one. And I don't feel like spending the time/effort to find one.
I have jury duty tomorrow.
Our TV broke. It is sitting on the floor of our living room. A smaller, older one is sitting in it's place. All of it's external control buttons are broken. It doesn't have the correct wiring to hook up to the DVD player/Tivo.
We have seven remote controls in our living room. I don't know why.
It has been 35 minutes.
I guess I don't really have a delicious dinner cooking. Just delicious chicken. I have no idea what to eat with it tonight. I hope there are some leftover vegetables in the fridge to warm up.
39 minutes on hold and I just got cut off.

OK, . . . . good things that are going on in my life that are exciting, but still causing me a little bit of stress:
Our stake is going on a pioneer trek. Dave and I are going. I'm excited. But there is a lot of work to do to prepare. I don't know how those pioneer women had time to pluck chickens, gather eggs and sew their dresses. I just have to get my eggs at the store and I can't find the time to get the sewing done.
Dave and I are going to Europe this summer!! Soon I will be very very excited. Right now we are trying to plan our trip and we're not very good at planning in unfamiliar territory.
I'm going to girl's camp in three weeks. I enjoy it, but I'm not totally prepared at this moment in time.
I've got to work on collections this week. I can usually pull some money into our business account when I do, it's just the least favorite part of my job.
Roxanne is buying a house. I will be glad when escrow closes. Right now there's just a lot of things to help her with. It's an adorable house and will be a good rental for college girls for years to come.

Good things going on that are not causing any stress at all:
My niece, Roni, is getting married this Saturday. We are all looking forward to spending the day with her. And I'm sure it's going to be an awesome party.
I am done with my early morning seminary calling. I can go to sleep at night with nothing on my mind for the next day.
I don't have another calling yet.
Melanie started a garden for a Young Women's project. We have fresh and delicious tomatoes every single day right now.
It's Tuesday night. I usually have the house to myself on Tuesday nights.
Everyone just got home and there are some vegetables that I am warming up.
All is well.