Saturday, June 12, 2010

stuff going on around here

Lunch on the jobsite. Hard hats required.
Tomatoes from our garden that we are eating fast and furious.Gingerbread houses with friends. (In June, . . . I don't know why)
A forty-nine year old. My neice's awesome wedding.
An adorable bride.A nephew that I probably could have guess would end up in the pool in his wedding clothes by the end of the evening.
Three gorgeous girls.
Three awesome sisters. (ok, three sisters and a nephew.) (ok, well actually 2 sisters and a sister in law and a nephew.)
Four people who I love.


saa said...
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Lauri said...

You've got a crazy family! Who ever heard of making gingerbread houses in the summertime? The least she could have done is made it a red, white, and blue gingerbread house in honor of the patriotic summer holidays.

What are you doing with all of your tomatoes? SALSA?

Lauri said...
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Meghan and Randy said...

I love the Hale family. 'Nuff said.

Suzanne Barker said...

Fun stuff! The wedding looks beautiful! My tomatoes are a little behind yours but are just coming on!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures & comments!

Sarah said...

I miss you and our hikes! Come back from girls camp already!

Anonymous said...
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