Friday, January 27, 2012


Melanie was able to take a short trip to Hermosillo, Mexico earlier this month. She was trying to sell us on a 10 day trip to Panama. I loved the idea of the trip - a work/service trip - however, the price tag was almost $2000. So when this Mexico trip came up and the price tag was $200, it was an easy sell.
This was a trip in association with Phoenix Sister Cities, an exchange program with a group of High School Students in Hermosillo who will visit Phoenix later this spring.
I know there was a lot of touring, historical sites and government centers etc, but I think Melanie enjoyed the social aspect of the trip more than anything. (Did we expect anything different from her??) She was immersed in the language and that was helpful to her bi-lingual abilities. But other than that, I'm not sure she came home with a lot of historical information in her head. There was some yummy food, and some adventurous eating.They ran across Moroni.
I think she met a couple of her "soul-mates".
There was a lot of general goofing around.

This video makes her chuckle - the walking man starts running the last few seconds before the light turns red.

Her "sister" gets to come visit us in a few weeks. Melanie has made a lot of good new friends.