Saturday, January 16, 2016

Overheard on Christmas -- 2015

At the dinner table, Christmas eve, Jonny interrupts the conversation and says: "Can I talk about an important family matter?" Roxanne looks at him, worried for what he might be bringing up as serious family business during our Christmas Eve celebration. Jonny "What time are we all getting up tomorrow morning?  The last time I spent Christmas here, I was too new to the family to have a say in this matter, but I was sorely disappointed at how late this family sleeps on Christmas morning!"  (note: we have no children in the family at this particular juncture in time. The youngest person at the table is 23).  After a long and heated (and hilarious) debate, with an earlier hour almost decided, Brady says "Wait, why are the early birds calling the shots here?"
(in the end, 7:00 a.m. was agreed on, but 8:15 was the actuality)

I made the kids practice and sing a new song all together for Christmas Eve. It had a little harmony.
Roxanne: "Were you singing the main melody?"
Kyle: "I have NO idea."

Kyle (opening gifts of art supplies).
Jonny: "Are you taking up art for real?"
Kyle: "Yes, You should see our kitchen table"
Jonny:  "You painted your kitchen table??"

Referring to one of Brady's gifts, a Mechanical Engineering reference book:  "I'll bet it took a Mechanical Engineer to figure out how to bind that thing."

Still discussing Brady's very large reference book: "What's in it? We could open it to any page and we could discuss. I'll bet we could look up flux capacitors!"

Numerous uses for napkin rings.

Handing someone a present: "Hold this upright."
"Why? Is it a lizard or something?"

Trying to guess what is in a package.
"You know what it is, right? Think hard."
"You don't need to think hard, You can just open it, you know."

Taking too long to open a package. "Hurry up! Can you just bite through that cellophane, please?"

Guessing presents:
"I knew it was candy! I squeezed one until it broke."

To Brady and Stephanie:
"You got a lot of textbooks!"
Brady: "We're kind of lame."

Dave found a roll of excessively glittered wrapping paper that he used excessively in his wrapping.
"Aaaaahh! There's glitter all over me!"
"Pass this package over to Rachel"
"YOU pass it to Rachel, I don't want that glitter on me!"
"We need Hazmat suits!"

Gift opened - Viva la Juicy perfume.
"I need some Viva la Manly!"

Hollering: "Thank You Santa!!!"
"Santa's already in bed. He can't hear you"

Frustration, having a hard time opening a box.
"There's a mechanical engineer here that can help you out with that."
"There's a garbage can that is about to help me out with this!"

"I just got a text from your Dad" (Dave is across the room)

 Jonny never writes actual names on the gifts that he gives, this one is from himself to Roxanne:
"To: the new homeowner, From: the guy who inherits the whole house if you die"

A present to keep someone in? or keep someone out . . . we don't know. 

We had tamales, handmade by Jonny, for breakfast.
"Mexican Tamales!"
"He's only half Mexican you know, he grew up on the beach in southern California, so take that into consideration."

"I've always had a fear of a break-in on Christmas Eve"
"As long as they don't take the tamales. I'd rather the presents be gone than the tamales!"


Looking in stocking: "There's a LOT of candy in here -- Thanks!"
"Honey, it's Christmas morning. SANTA brought that."
"Santa LOVE me!"

"Model your new coat for us Dave!"
"Heel . . . and toe . . . and turn . . . and pose!"
"It's got glitter all over it!"

Talking to Melanie (on her mission) on a Skype video call.
Melanie: "There are some things, worldly things, that I need to know. I don't have access to the internet."
"We'll give you any world news you need, Ready - go"
Melanie: "Ok, In the Tarzan movie, what is the name of Tarzan's little friend?"
"What??   . . . Terk?"
Melanie: "Yes! Thank you! Things get into my brain, and I have no way to research!"

Melanie: "Czechs are hard, until you crack them. When you get past their hard exterior, then they kiss your cheeks and rub your arms."

We had a scheduled 45 minute visit with Melanie in the Czech Republic. We had our computer hooked up to the TV so we all could chat with her on Skype. This is what she opened with. (btw - it's hard to have Christmas with 'almost' everyone home. It was good to see she was happy and healthy. This visit warmed my heart.)