Thursday, January 16, 2014

my #1 daughter had quite a year!

According to a certain friend of mine, (ahem, Madeline), I have been slacking on this blog. I'm going to do some catching up so she'll stop bugging me!! (By the way, if you ever want to read a funny blog, click here.  Some posts that might entice you are: "Ode to the Commode", and "Things I Can't Unsee".)
I am now going to post more pictures than most people will want to see, but not near enough for me.  I could look at these engagement pictures and wedding pictures all day. Rachel and Kyle got engaged back in July and it was full steam ahead in wedding planning. (we had just finished cleaning up from Roxanne's wedding, so we were still in the wedding groove!)
These two have known each other for 3 years - mostly dating long distance. Kyle came home (to Utah)  from his mission to the Dominican Republic this spring, moved to Phoenix in July. It was fun to see him show up at our door knowing he would be staying in town. Soon afterwards, we were excited he was showing up at our door knowing he would be staying in our family!
 They found a fun photographer and headed out to take some photos at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning. I love downtown Phoenix and they found some fun spots for pictures.

These two are so good for each other. Their personalities are so complimentary. We all love Kyle. 
photos by Nick Sorensen

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Madeline Wagner said...

All the pictures are beautiful and awesome! Never too many pics!!!! Gleaned a few ideas for Grant and Karina's upcoming wedding, which was a plus! Thanks for the shout out to my blog - I guess I now have to get off my own butt and get blogging more!