Monday, December 10, 2012


I've had some issues going on this week. I had a mole go bad on me and I had to get it removed. In talking with the doctor, it seemed like a small easy procedure. In the end, there was a disconnect in my head with the description he gave me the previous week and the huge hole he stitched up in the side of my face. Actually, in terms of inconvenience and discomfort, there was none. I cleared my day assuming I would have a little discomfort, take some pain meds, sit in the recliner and watch a movie or take a nap all afternoon. I drove myself  home, felt fine and started being annoyed by the pile of office work that was calling for attention. I did a little office work and went out to Tempe that evening to go to an event with Roxanne.
About the discomfort . . .  I take that back. The surgeon made the incision and then they waited for the pathologist to test the tissues to make sure it was a clean removal. So I had to lay still on the table for a while and the surgeon told me my only job was not to touch my face. I wasn't planning to until he said that. For about 20 minutes, I needed to itch my nose, I needed to itch my chin, I needed to itch my ear, I needed to itch my eye and I really needed to go to the bathroom. If he hadn't said anything to me, I probably would have laid there and enjoyed a few minutes of peace, instead of worrying about NOT touching my face..  I'm kind of fascinated by it. In the middle of the procedure, I asked the nurse if there was a mirror nearby so I could see the incision - kind of cool, kind of gross  If you're grossed out by stitches, don't look at the following pictures. It's only been a week, and it looks nice already. I had a good surgeon. The only weird thing is that I didn't know I had a gigantic crease across my ear lobe. How long has that been there?

In other weird and way too close-up pictures of my face, on Saturday I had a little sore spot under my eye. I assume it is a sty. I remember getting them occasionally when I was a kid. Press a warm damp washcloth on it and it goes away in a day or two. So Sunday morning I woke up, realized that my eye didn't feel swollen or sore anymore, got dressed, practiced the piano, etc then just as I was about to leave for church I finally looked in the mirror and saw a big black eye! What the heck? I wore a LOT of make up to church! The bruising was even worse today.  I quickly walked out to our mailbox this morning, not just with a nasty black eye, but also with bedhead hair and ran into a chatty neighbor. Just my luck. I'm hoping the next weird thing that happens is on my shoulder or somewhere not quite so visible to the general public.
Wait - I think that sounded like I'm expecting a string of weird things to happen to me. Let me say out loud to the universe - I am not!


Lauri said... do have a good surgeon. It has healed very nicely!!! And what the heck happened to your eye? Do you have any idea why you have a black eye?

Cynthia said...

I don't know! But if it doesn't settle down by tomorrow, I may check in with my doctor - weird.

Terri said...

If they ever want to do a "punch biopsy" because it's much smaller, DON'T. "Punch" should be the operative word. Talk about black eyes. Hope yours gets figured out. Really missing you lately.