Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a quick weekend getaway

This little getaway was just what the doctor ordered. We have had some stresses in our lives these past months and we all needed to decompress a little. We had a very limited time to take a quick little vacation - between Roxanne's graduation, Christmas, and other various events the kids already had on their calendars after Christmas, we just had a weekend to make a dash to California. We rented a condo in Newport Beach, actually it was on the Balboa Peninsula, and we planned a weekend to do whatever we wanted to do. The first rule of this vacation is that we could all get whatever sleep we wanted and/or needed. No alarm clocks. Awesome!  We ended up walking and jogging on the beach, riding bikes down the boardwalk along the coast, shopping, surfing, taking the ferry over to Balboa Island a couple of times, watching a night-time boat parade, putting together a puzzle, addressing Christmas cards, watching movies, going to church, meeting some new friends (Jonny's family lived in the area and we had dinner with them),  a wedding reception, watched some late night fireworks on the beach, Brady decided to get sick and enjoyed the couch in the condo the whole weekend (sorry Brady), we walked around town at night and saw all the houses and boats decorated for the holidays, and we all did a little last minute Christmas shopping. It sounds busy, but all those activities divided between the 6 of us and we all got in the rest and relaxation we wanted and needed.  

"We're 10 minutes from the beach - can anyone smell the ocean yet?"
"No, I just smell vacation."
(our car has a distinct vacation smell when we go on road trips. . .  and it's not a pretty smell)

Riding on the car ferry: "I feel like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!"

I made the mistake of calling Roxanne's boyfriend her old boyfriend's name. When we were laughing about it later, Melanie said : "Well, it's Roxanne's fault for dating someone with a similar name. You'll never have that problem when my boyfriend's name will be Fernando !"

"How do you spell Cruise?"
"Oh, I thought is was with a Z"
"No, that's more like slang"
"Oh, then I should use a Z!"

Trying on a mood ring:
"Read the card for the color of Dad's ring."
"Calm, Peaceful, Normal. Dad must be on vacation!"

In the crowded car on the way home:
"My feet are claustrophobic. There's not enough room downstairs."

In the car, after singing a round of 'Pinecones and Holly Berries'
"Why don't we hear any applause from the backseat? Wow, tough crowd!"

Sneeze  "Bless you"
Sneeze  "Bless you"
Sneeze  "Get it together! I'm not blessing you anymore!"


Lauri said...

sounds like a fun get-away weekend. Your commentary is always the best.

Kevin and I used to go to the boat parade in Newport. There is a fancy restaurant and we'd get window seats and watch the boats go by while we were eating a delicious dinner.

Robyn said...

I'm so glad you keep track of the funny things people say. You guys are a riot.