Wednesday, December 12, 2012

random stuff

The Amazing Race ended another season this week. The finale included two super strong teams and one underdog team (as in - they couldn't dive, swim, run fast, had an injury, and  had been about a day behind the other racers for a chunk of the race ). Guess who won? The underdogs! They weren't my favorite team on the show, but it was fun and surprising to see a team come from behind and take the win.

I was at the Art store the other day and an older lady in front of me was asking the clerk "I've got the CRAZIEST question! I've got a hat I want to put a name on and I thought of stick-on letters, but I think they would fall off. Do you know any way to put a name on this hat?" (She was very dramatic and excited with her question.) The clerk suggested some fabric pens, but she didn't think she could do it herself and asked if he could paint the name on. He told her he wasn't allowed to do that. As he left to get the paint pens, she turned around and showed me her hat, which had clearly come from the dollar store, and said to me "I hope the pen won't be $4.00, I just won't pay that much". I knew it would be at least that or maybe more. Since it was an extremely simple project, and a gift she was so excited about getting done, I offered to do the lettering for her on the cap, and suggested a 99 cent Sharpie Marker. She jumped right on that offer and bought a pen, and we stepped down to the end of the counter and in about 90 seconds, she had a personalized gift for her neighbor friend. I could not believe someone would be so utterly thrilled with a simple name written with a marker on an inexpensive hat!

I read a letter that came in the mail for Melanie yesterday  "Congratulations! You have qualified and been selected to receive our Preliminary Scholarship Application."  Why in the world would you have to 'qualify' to even apply for something?

I was outside taking the dumpsters out to the curb last night and hear an owl. That is so weird to hear that in the middle of the city. I think of owls as being only out in the countryside. The other night, we were eating dinner outside and a little owl flew into our tree right behind where we were sitting. Kind of weird, but cool. The new grade school down the street had some signs up with their new mascot - the Owls. I sent Melanie a text about it. Her reply "Hahaha, 'WHOO' would choose that? I'd personally go with a sea creature, but they forgot to ask me"

Speaking of chatting with Mel, I had to tell her about our recent Stake Conference. The speaker was being filmed and broadcast on big screens to the back half of the building. So not only the speaker was on the screen, but about 4 people behind him. The people behind him consisted of the chorister and some of the youth choir, ages 12-18, all of whom are Melanie's hometown friends. One 12 year old realized he was on camera in the background and enjoyed watching himself on the monitor and was swaying back and forth. Sister Garcia, the chorister, who was also on camera, was trying so hard to get him to put his feet down out of the chair and quit dancing around without making herself look awkward on the camera too. It was kind of hilarious to watch.

A couple of funny things from Rachel's friend, Kyle, who is on his mission serving on the Island of Aruba:
"Okay, so Christmas is coming up and I am still waiting on the snow here. I have this feeling that it is not going to snow, but I will still be praying."
"The member that makes us lunch on Fridays couldn't do it this past Friday, so she did what she calls 'Junk Food Fridays'.  She is a vegetarian so we always get meatless food , but for 'Junk Food Fridays', she gives us money to go buy whatever we want - so we had Subway! "

Roxanne, Jonny and Melanie and my nephew Ben are involved in a Nog-a-thon out in Mesa this weekend. It's an annual event and although I don't know much about it, it seems to involve drinking eggnog and jogging distances that often invite the eggnog to come back up. The good side is that I believe it is a fund-raiser of some sort, so that's always good.

This weekend, Rachel is hosting a lovely Piano Recital for all her students. She does an amazing job teaching her kids and her recitals are delightful. Both kids and parents love it. I'm not sure how she keeps up with so many students along with her job at the music studio and while finishing up her last semester of her Masters Program.

Brady is spending his weekend rebuilding something on his Bronco. I don't know what he is rebuilding, but there is a huge unidentified car part on our property waiting to be installed tomorrow. He is oh so smart about his Broncos. (Yes, Broncos. I say that plural. He is not very old, but he has owned many Broncos over his short driving career)

Dave had to do a service up in Flagstaff last Friday, on the way home he got caught in a little traffic jam. He sat on the freeway for 4 hours! Traffic was stopped and backed up for 6 miles. He's kind of nosey, so he hiked down to the accident site and found out what was going on. A semi truck was across the lanes blocking all traffic. The cab was hanging over a steep drop-off on the side of the road. He sent me this text and picture: "There's a guy here who got the whole thing on video. The truck had lost its brakes and it was hitting a truck in front of it to slow down for several minutes before the steering was damaged and he went over. Driver is ok, Imagine is scared though"

That's our random life. Dave and I are just trying to keep up with everything and everyone. I am preparing food for 4 different events over the weekend, and playing the organ for one, maybe 2 events on Saturday, getting a mural painted for the ward party (an assignment which was given to me 4 weeks ago, but since I was busy, I put off until now because I thought this would be a free week, oops) and trying to keep up with our daily business work. I hope I can get it all done.
(and p.s. My black eye got a LOT worse this week before it started getting better. The little irritation under my eye is going away, but the bruising went through a vast metamorphosis and quite an array of colors in the process. Yay, that was fun.)


Lauri said...

sounds like an exciting life you live. and for future reference, when you tell about a horrendous bruise on your face, you must show pictures!

Cynthia said...

ok, I'll add one :(