Tuesday, December 25, 2012

another graduate !!

Friday morning, we gathered in an intimate little ceremony with about 10,000 other guests to watch Roxanne graduate. It was the same spot where I graduated 28 years ago.  That's kind of fun. Roxanne has a sister, a mother, a grandfather, two uncles, and a boyfriend that she shares her ASU alumni status with. Her grandmother also briefly attended ASU.
Yay Sun Devils!


Both of our ASU graduates! Love these girls.
We couldn't be more proud of this girl !!

Overheard at the ceremony: 

"We should have brought cowbells to ring when Roxanne crosses the stand."
"We can just use our voices, they are kind of like cowbells."
Seeing a decorated cap and gown at the graduation ceremony,  Melanie: "Look at those feathers. She could be from Hawaii. Or it could be a dead chicken on her head."

Rachel to Melanie:  "Are you going to jazz up your cap when you graduate?"
Melanie: "Are you kidding? It will be bedazzled. or maybe peacock feathers, Oh - a disco ball on top!"
Rachel: " . . . with a little motor to make it spin and a spotlight shining on it. I think we could figure out how to get that wired with some power."

Melanie: "Mom, put your purse down. We are going to stand up when Roxanne goes across the stage."
Dave: "Roxanne's group is still seated, it's not her turn yet."
Melanie: "Wow, Dad. I've been waving to the wrong person this whole time."

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