Sunday, December 9, 2012

custom painting

While Shannon and I have been out window painting, we have had some crazy requests over the years. Some people have asked us to come to their homes and paint their windows. We have been inside some beautiful homes and met some very nice people. We also met one rough tough manager guy who had an enormous model train hobby in his home. Didn't expect that!
We painted at a showroom for speed boats and painted Santa doing flips from the back of a ski boat with a snowman driving the boat and another snowman being towed on a tube behind him.

We've painted Hanukkah themed windows on several occasions and have had quite a few discussions  with passing pedestrians about the different acceptable ways to spell Hanukkah, and why our painting is or is not appropriate for the Jewish customers.
We have had most stores expect us to stay away from any religious themes, and even stay away from the word 'Christmas', then someone will want a full out Nativity painted on their store.
We've been asked to paint a dog into the scenery to memorialize a favorite pet or a dog that has passed.
We often put all the employees names on the windows - on the ornaments, or on the snowmen, or in the case of a dry cleaners - on the hangers that were hung on the garland.
We've taken our paints on a lift to do a painting on a second story window (there was a little $ added to the bill for that one).
Luckily we mostly paint outside because we tend to drip and spill paint a lot, but we have been asked a few times to paint in a lobby or over carpeted areas. I'm not real fond of doing that.
We've been asked to put a phrase that matches the store's business: Have a "Clean" Holiday for a dry cleaners.
Some stores have such cluttered windows - all kinds of posters and signage all over their windows. But they still like to have them painted too. Generally, we think less is more and a big bright message or picture is better, but if they really insist, we will fill in every nook and cranny all over their store front.
We paint the front window at a pet groomers where we have to hold our breath any time the front door opens. I can't imagine working in there with that smell all day.
A restaurant asked us to paint a hamburger wrapped up in Christmas lights.
Sometimes we add an advertisement or promotion that is going on in their store - Gift Cards for sale, Toy Drive, or Holiday Sale.
We had a print shop ask us to paint Santa on an old fashioned printing press pulled by reindeer instead of a sleigh.
Shannon has to keep reminding me how to spell "Bienvenidos". Although we have painted that word many times, I can never remember it. She has also had to describe to me what a torta is and what it looks like and how to paint it with our silly grade school paints.
We had a realty group ask us to come in and paint a big UofA Symbol and a Wildcat on their boss's office window (he was an ASU alumni and sports fan).
It's just been fun because we never know who we will meet or what project we will be working on. Always something crazy for sure though.

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Shannon pretending to be Austin said...

Oh my gosh, that is such a funny reminder of all the crazy stuff we do! I do miss the rainbow trout photo...