Tuesday, December 18, 2012

nog-a-jogging in the rain

The 4th Annual nog-a-thon was held out in Mesa last Saturday afternoon. It is an interesting event, one I'm glad I only had to hear about and not witness in person. I'm glad they got some fun photos to share because on the surface and in these photos, it seems like a delightful event. But the details kind of made me glad I wasn't an eye witness. Apparently for each lap around the track, they had to down an 8 oz cup of egg nog. Whoever has the most laps within 35 minutes without chucking their nog wins (again, remember they have to drink a cup of eggnog with every lap) . All the runners began the race together, and the upchucking began at lap 4, the winner lasted 13 laps. Melanie and Ben both lasted 6 laps and Jonny made it 11 laps. Just so you know who is who in the photos, Roxanne's boyfriend Jonny is the full white-bearded Santa in the black shorts, my nephew Ben is in the next picture with him and Melanie, Melanie is wearing the Christmas gift, and Roxanne (a non-participant) is looking lovely in her white winter coat). Unfortunately it was raining all day. The little kids that participated were real troopers. In better weather there have been a lot more participants. Luckily these crazy kids did some fund-raising for a children's organization so it's all good in the end.  

 Yes, Melanie actually ran a mile and a half in a cardboard box!
Click here to watch the fun ! But be warned, this event is for the young adult crowd. If you are older and wiser like me, you might want to stop the video at the 1:50 mark. 

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