Wednesday, December 4, 2013

cleaning out my texts part 5

Brady, the day before Dave's birthday:  I'm getting dad the movie battleship, "dibs"

Melanie: Love you too :) sleep tight mamma bear
Cynthia: You too.  Remember when we used to say "good night. sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bite"?  Now that I know that bed bugs are real - it's not a cute saying anymore.
Melanie: Yuck you're right!  Lets switch it to . . . ."sleep good.  Pretend you're not in the hood!" 

Melanie:  Mom . . . I am so in love with Hayden.
Cynthia: Um, I know . . . I think I've heard you say that before.
Melanie:  Well it always hits me but sometimes I just want to shout it from the mountain tops. Or text it to my mother.

Melanie, running an errand for Dave: Dad sent me to the ghetto of ghettos.  And it is a purple building!  haha

Melanie: I've actually been on this hot chocolate rant. I drink a cup a day starting 2 days ago.  Can one lose weight drinking hot cocoa? . . . I need to run to the store haha.
Cynthia:  If you are planning to lose weight on a hot chocolate diet, you'd better literally run to the store to get it each day!

(There is always motherly concern because Melanie drives a 25 year old vehicle back and forth to college)
Cynthia: Did you make it home?
Melanie: Yeah i arrived in the 928 at SEVEN O CLOCK.   Good Cheese that was a long day.

And on another trip . . . :
Cynthia: Made it home?
Melanie: Yes! . . . around 10:30 . . almost ran out of gas, but made it in time :)  love you mom!!
(not a heartwarming message - a college girl running out of gas at 10pm in the desert!)

I can't spell, I sent Roxanne to the store to buy napkins in wedding colors: Never mind, I found a package of veal in the attic. (teal)

Melanie: Sure thing chicken wing

Cynthia: do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?
Kirsten, Dave's neice: We actually don't have any plans but if it will sway you one way or the other I make a mean caramel apple pie 
Cynthia:  haha - that does sway an invite!

Cynthia: When I type your name in a text, it comes up as Melboge before it will choose Melanie. Why? And Roxanne types in as Soybome as a first choice.

Texts from friends:

After getting a freezing weather report from Madeline in Georgia:
Cynthia: Oh my heck. That gives me the chills just looking at that number.  Happy Thanksgiving from the land of eternal sunshine!

Lindsey, making plans for wedding music: Ok Sounds good.  Would I be able to come early that day to check it all out and figure out volume and all that jazz?
Lindsey: but don't worry, I'm not singing jazz!

Lindsey: Sorry I talked so late !!!  Also - my pants were inside out this whole time.

Yolanda: We're not going to make it. We have cooties :-(
Cynthia:  Darn, ok. but how do you fight cooties?
Yolanda: Cootie Shots!

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Madeline Wagner said...

You forgot party of 8 again! Waiting for a month to pass so it's more "official"???