Monday, December 2, 2013

cleaning out my phone part 3

Random funny things seen around town (and sometimes from across the country) by family and friends.  Too funny or weird not to share:
Marshmallows for S'mores.  They are already shaped flat, like a piece of bread and just the right size for a graham cracker.  I guess the standard marshmallow size and shape was WAY too hard to get on a graham cracker.
 A snow globe. It's a cute little Penguin, but I couldn't help feeling like it was drowning with that globe of water covering its head.
 I saw this on a hiking trail.  It is the closest thing to a crop circle we have in the desert.
 I think Madeline sent this to me.  Milk. It says milk on the front - in 2 different places.
On the back, it also has milk listed as one of the ingredients.  THEN - as a warning to anyone about to ingest it . . . it has a warning: CONTAINS MILK.
 Sometimes we see things that just make us laugh and have to share.

 Who could pass up this thrift store fashion?
 Who approved this product???  Candy Shotglass?
 Madeline: This could be your next job/career!
Cynthia: Selling Pot?
Madeline thought she'd share what was resting on her door. "This is in my door frame - I may need to burn down my house." There is nothing in the photo to give it perspective of its size, but in my head, it became about 8 inches! Thanks for creeping me out Madeline!

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Madeline Wagner said...

If I'm creeped out, I need to share! You are welcome.