Sunday, December 1, 2013

cleaning out my phone

I love getting random texts from the kids.  They always seem to be in the middle of things and having fun. I'm glad they keep me posted on their activities.

Melanie:  I want you guys to remember I'm smart.  This is my calculus test.
Melanie: Dinner at Enrichment night.

Cynthia: Wow, it almost looks as good as what Dad and I are eating tonight.

I think Roxanne and Jonny were at Lego Land.  But then again, they pose like this wherever they go.
 I'm not sure what they were playing, but these girls either won in a huge way, or lost in a huge way.  I'm not sure if the point was to have no chalk on you, or lots. Either way, Melanie is always having fun. (I think, . . . I'm not sure from the look on her face here)

Jonny in California . . . making us all jealous.
I am the last person on earth without a smart phone I think.  In fact, mine is still a flip phone.  I just don't want to pay extra $ while I still have kids with smart phones that are willing to answer my questions -- "Hey Roxanne, will you look on Yelp and find me a good restaurant near Thomas and 16th Street?". At this point, they are still willing, but I'm sure soon they will reply with "goodness mom . . . UPGRADE YOUR PHONE!"     The down side to having an old, small, not so smart phone is that sometimes the kids will send me a picture and I can't view it on my teensy tiny screen.  After reading everyone's comments on a funny picture, I have to text back - "wait, what is that picture?"
Luckily, they still tolerate me and my phone.

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