Sunday, March 23, 2008

a relaxing easter

Easter turned out a little nicer than expected. I was a bit stressed Saturday night . It was 11 pm and I still had to:
1. Put away the groceries I had just purchased,
2. Get our video camera back from a friend I had loaned it to,
3. Put together Easter baskets,
4. Practice the piano for our choir's musical number in the morning,
5. Iron a skirt for church,
6. Put clean sheets back on our bed.

BUT, Sunday morning came and here are our successes
1. We got to church on time.
2. The choir performed beautifully.
3. I surveyed the congregation for new easter outfits. (only two families were completely clothed in pastels -- they were in the minority, we were definitely with the majority.)
4. I had no other duties the rest of the two hours, so I could relax and enjoy the lessons.
5. Brady was here when we got home.
6. We all pitched in and made some delicious recipes to go with our ham.
7. Our table was adequate even without the easter lilies.
8. We happened to have 18 eggs in our fridge and we whipped out the food coloring and vinegar and colored some eggs.
9. Dave and I made some ultra complicated scavenger hunt clues for the kids to find their baskets. (by the way, how old are kids before you are no longer obligated to provide a basket of gifts? college graduate? married? this seems to be getting out of hand)
10. We made our kids hunt for eggs in the back yard and they didn't complain (even though 75% of our children are way too old for all of this. They are good sports for Melanie's sake . . . and for the free candy)

We only had one little disaster. Dave and I hid the baskets at 1 am. One was hidden in the oven. Who is going to use the oven between 1 am and 8 am? Nothing to worry about right? As it turns out, Rachel has a different church schedule than we do and Brady was going to be getting here in the middle of the day, so instead of getting their easter baskets when they got up, the girls decided to wait until Rachel and Brady could be here later in the day. You can foresee a problem here, right? Well, we weren't quite in the same focused frame of mind. At 2 pm when I preheated the oven to put in the ham . . . . . well, I can tell you can that we narrowly escaped a kitchen disaster involving fire and melting cellophane, but we did end up with a toasted wicker basket and a stuffed easter bunny with a second degree burns on its bottom end.
All in all, a lovely day. Katie's comment on my last post put it all in perspective. We had no diaper blow-outs, green hands, plastic placemats, or slobber. May we all be granted a perfect holiday NEXT year!


Katie said...

Nearly perfect! I don't think kids ever out grow hiding the easter basket. Spencer still requires it. There were two years that Spencer had to give up after over an hour of searching. I'm a really good hider. This year would have been the same, but my giggling gave it away.

One year he couldn't find it was in our tiny one bedroom there are that many places to hide it.

Another year, I told him it was in the bathroom and he still couldn't find it. Once there are that many places in a bathroom to hide it. (I took out the bathroom mirror and stuck it in the wall, then replaced the mirror. Brilliant!)

Heidi said...

Wow. Katie's gone whole hog on the Easter deal.

I like my Easter's relaxing. At least I think they are relaxing but my husband said, "This is starting to feel like Christmas."

He's such a spoilsport.

Sheyenne said...

Kids are never too big for an Easter basket. And that incident with the toasted basket and bunny is TOO funny!