Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter reality check

Every year I dream our Easter holiday will be gorgeous. I always hope the girls will have wonderful new spring dresses. When the girls were younger I always thought I could walk into church with each of my girls wearing a lovely pastel dress handsewn with all the love I have for them (ok, they're a little old for a home-made dress now, but still . . . it's my dream.) My son would be wearing a crisp new shirt with a pastel tie and shoes brightly polished. (He doesn't even live at home this year and I still want to get him something new.)

I always hope to place a delicious, beautifully executed dinner around a spectactular center piece of Easter lilies.

I always hope to plan ahead and get some wheat grass growing in the easter baskets so I won't have to use store-bought filler.

I don't know why I always think I can do this. This year instead of shopping for dresses with my girls, we gutted our bathroom. Instead of preparing our home for a celebration, we are taking moldy sheetrock to the dump. Instead of planning a fantastic Easter dinner, I planned for a mediation meeting over a business dispute. Instead of shopping for a centerpiece, I filed paperwork for leins against some clients who have failed to pay us recently. Instead of artistically arranging the easter baskets, I am hanging on for dear life at the end of my rope. Really, . . . . the end of the rope. And it's unraveling on me.

(next year, everything's going to be PERFECT!!!)


Katie said...

"frayed not." It's not all it cracks up to be. Although they all three had polished shoes and pastel ties. Grayden had a blow out in his crisp new Easter outfit. We walked into church in an chaotic shuffle with a baby carrier, two toddlers and two bags...only to walk out moments later after a fit over who knows what during sacrament meeting. Our beautiful Easter table was adorned with plastic placemats...because Parker refused to eat on a grownup placemat...and a bright orange sippie cup...because with Reid, a glass is always a disaster. I didn't grow wheat grass, but I'm sure that would have been a bigger mess when the boys decided to disperse it flower girl style around the house. And although you didn't mention egg dye, several colors were dumped on the kitchen table and quickly spread to clothes and floor. Reid's hands are still green.

Why have a perfect Easter...imperfections are so much more exciting and spontaneous.

Katie said...

ANd about the easter dresses...I was the only one with a new dress, but it had a dog slobber stain on it before I even put it on.

Lauri said...

Sounds like you need a vacation!

CaliZona said...

What about the garlic potatoes? You mentioned that was on the menu for Sunday dinner. That sounds like a lovingly prepared part of a delicious family meal...

This year we didn't even have candy/baskets for the girls. It seems pretty stinky of us but I kept forgetting to shop and Dave was sick (HE is the Easter Bunny). We told them the Easter Bunny was sick and Easter has been re-scheduled. Oh, they made faces - but what's different from any other day of the week?????

Besides; I've always wanted to go get stuff the day AFTER anyway. Ha Ha too bad.