Wednesday, March 5, 2008

deep thoughts by an inquisitive first grader

There is no doubt this dog is adored. And there is no doubt that Lexi adores the girls.

So far, so good. She's a perfect fit for our family. (Now if only I could teach her to poop outside.)

I had a little neighbor boy (1st grade) visiting us last night. He got so excited to see Lexi and was just adorable playing with her. Then suddenly he asked "Does Kipp like Lexi? Hey, . . . where is Kipp?"
Me: Well, Kipp got very sick and he doesn't live here any more. Here is a toy for you to throw to Lexi.
Little boy: Where does Kipp live now?
Me: Well, Kipp got very sick and he died.
Boy: KIPP DIED????!!!
(great . . . did I mention his parents were not here? I don't know what they have told him about things like this.)
Me: Yes, sometimes animals die, but it's all ok. Now we have Lexi in our family to love.
Boy: How did he die?
Me: He had a disease and he couldn't get better. But it was all ok.
Boy: My neighbor had a dog that got sick and now the dog lives somewhere else.
Boy's big sister: No she didn't. She died, too.
Big sister: Nope, she's dead. Dad just didn't want you to feel bad.
Sister: Yes she did.
(ok, now I'm feeling a bit bad about this conversation.)
Boy: So how did Kipp get sick?
Me: Well, He got a disease in his kidneys and just got sick. Hey look, Lexi wants to play with you again.
Boy: Do people have kidneys? Where are my kidneys?
(oh great)
Then there was a long reassuring conversation about how a 6 year old doesn't need to worry about his kidneys.
Boy: Where did Kipp die? Did he die in this house? How was he laying down when he died? What did he look like when he died? Where is he now? (long reassuring conversation about the peacefulness of death, about Heavenly Father's plan for living and dying, etc etc . . . oh my gosh, what am I doing here????!! Why am I having to explain this?)
Is this poor child going to be having nightmares tonight about dogs going to live "somewhere else"??? Maybe I should be expecting a phone call from a parent today.

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Suzanne said...

Too funny, Cynthia! You know sometimes life just happens and you have to explain things. Good try at distraction. Sounds like he's on to that technique.