Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our 60 year old house is showing its age

Why, oh why does this happen during a busy week???
A suspicious little spot in the hallway here:
Turned into an exploratory surgery of drywall here:

The outcome of this little peek inside the wall was so utterly shocking that we had to make some changes on the other side of the wall. Our bathtub now looks like this:
Apparently, the bathtub and wall had such a water-tight seal that as a leak formed and became worse and worse inside the wall, we didn't know it. Each time the shower ran, a lovely little pond formed under the tub. Really, . . a pond. No, not a puddle -- a POND!! How long had this been happening, you might ask? Who knows. What we do know is that with the walls open, our vocabulary is littered with words like - stink, mold spores, allergy inhaler, disgusting, clorox, exhaust fan, air purifier, home depot, expensive, shower valve, studs, expensive, vent, new cast-iron tub, tile, expensive and "oh my gosh, the damage goes clear into my closet!" and "oh my gosh, how long is this going to take?"
Next time I see a little spot on the wall, I'm going to just look the other way!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch.....sorta like a non-lethal aneurysm in the wall....thank goodness you had a surgeon on duty! No telling what would have happened when it blew!

Suzanne Barker said...

Cynthia, is this your bathroom you just finished remodeling? Oh My!

Cynthia said...

Yeah, Super Dave to the rescue! And what an aneurysm it was! The deeper we dig in to the wall, the more we realize we are going to replace the plumbing behind the toilet and sink too. Fortunately, it was not OUR bathroom where we are enjoying our very new and lovely shower. The kids bathroom needed an update anyway (just not this week, though).

Bandanamom said...

Yikes! I hate when stuff like this happens!