Sunday, March 30, 2008

let's play a sesame street game:

Three of these things belong together

Three of these things are kind of the same

Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?

Now it's time to play our game,

It's time to play our game.

I have been whining about our bathroom for two weeks. We didn't plan to do a major bathroom renovation this month. The problem keeps getting bigger and bigger. We are now repairing a drain lines way UNDER our foundation, thus the enormous mound of dirt in the middle of our bathroom floor. I keep telling Dave if we are going to dig this deep under our house, we might as well keep digging and make ourselves a basement. We could use a den or a playroom or something.
With the walls open, we discovered what 60 year old plumbing looks like. I've got to say . . . . it's not pretty. It's all coming out. Everything is getting replaced.

So as whiny as I have been, I have to remember that we've got "SuperDave" here. (Thank you Shannon. That nick name is perfect and I'm stealing it.)He gutted the entire bathroom, broke through the foundation (with a sledge-hammer and his very strong muscles) dug up the drain lines, and figured out this very complicated problem involving corroded things and rusty pieces, and very old yucky parts.
All in all, this will be expensive, but it will only be a fraction of the cost if we had to hire the work done. Who would you even call to dig a hole under the center of your house?
Anyway, superheroes don't always wear capes and tights. My favorite one wears a tool belt and a welding helmet. Isn't he sexy?


Lauri said...

Dave IS a super hero. You need to make him a cape. I also appreciate the things he's done around here at the Widow Benson's home.

Shando said...

Yeah for SuperDave! I knew he could do it if given the time.

As much as I would like to take credit for naming him SuperDave, Tony named him that many many years ago when the personal realization hit him that he could do nothing and Dave could do anything. In my agreement, I have been calling him that to his face forever and he has never seemed to notice or at least has never commented.

I am so happy that he is getting it all figured out and the bonus will be a great new bathroom.

Just remember all the nice things I have done for you over the years and all the great things I say about SuperDave when my bathroom sinks down to China.

And yes....he is sexy!

Anonymous said...

The SuperDave is brave. He is
relentless, battling evil in what lies beneath, protecting home and hearth no matter the disc-slippage,the hammer-toe or whatever the bloody blisters he must be getting from all that one-man excavation. Whew.

So - what about the basement? You could have the dirty laundry slip effortlessly down one of those clever shoots and guitar hero would be virtually inaudible.

Cynthia said...

Laundry and guitar hero in the basement??? Genius!!!

Thank you Tony for the SuperDave name. I am no longer stealing it from Shannon, I am stealing it from Tony. (and of course he secretly loves it when anyone call him a super'anything'.)

I think I will get on the cape idea.

Jeffrey Benson said...

While Dave is many things, including super, I must confess, I don't find him extremely sexy. It could be the related thing, the age gap, or him being a male... The point is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.