Friday, February 8, 2008

say cheese!

About 15 years ago, there was a knock on our door. A man asked for me by my maiden name and said he was from the studio that did our wedding photos. They were going out of business and were selling the stored negatives. (ok children - back in the olden days, pictures came with a sheet of negatives that had to be used to make reprints. An old shoe box was the accepted storage system, set on a shelf to collect dust for years and years and years.)
Anyway, we purchased the negatives, but unfortunately we were in the middle of our decade of poverty so I didn't get them printed right away and tucked them away until we had some money, then promptly forgot about them. Well, they were found this week and I got them printed. I was very excited to pick them up today. I've always been very happy with our wedding photos. We have about 30 beautiful prints in a lovely album that captured every aspect of our wedding. But we were newlyweds and couldn't purchase everything at the time so now I was hoping there would be some candid shots of wedding guests, or some shots of my dad or grandparents who are no longer with us.
I paid for 190 reprints, here is what I got:
Of course there were the 30 that we already owned.

Then there were about 130 very similar shots of the 30 that we already owned. ("Everyone gather around . . . ok, SMILE!" click, click, click, click, click)

Then of the last few we had some of these:

And some of these:

I think this is my little cousin, I'm not sure. I don't know who this other little girl is. She doesn't show up in any other family groups.

This is a view of the very unfortunate orange curtain backdrop.
This was somebody standing in for Dave for a moment. I don't remember his name.
Well, that was certainly worth the anticipation!
BUT . . . looking at all the pictures again made me remember how much I love this guy !


Katie said...

My favorite is the one of the cultural hall captures the essence of your wedding so well. coming in a close second in the one of the unfortunate orange backdrop. And I'd like to know what the heck kind of shoes my mom is wearing. ANd I do believe the dark haired girl is Elizabeth, but I can't help you with the other.

How fun to get wedding pictures back. I would enjoy that, too. good thing you got some good pictures in there. That last one is really a fantastic shot.

I actually have vague memories of going to your wedding. I believe I wore a striped knit dress. Maybe I'm wrong. I was pretty small to remember that.

Lauri said...

Boy! look at those 80's hair styles. Mine actually looks like a mollet! I have to say that of all of the weddings I was ever in, I liked these bridesmaids dresses the best. I wore it for quite some time. And I loved your colors and flowers.

Cynthia said...

It is a pretty sad picture of cute little Elizabeth.
Lauri, I'm surprised there wasn't more big 80's hair. Lisa had a pretty big do, though.
Katie, I think your mom has her foot out of her shoe and is just resting her foot on top of her shoe.
I really liked the colors too. It was a pretty event, but it was a little bit boring. We should have had a DJ or danced or done something. It was mostly just a receiving line.

Suzanne said...

How fun Cindy! I think the hair do's are really fun. And look how slim you were! Quite skinny!