Monday, February 18, 2008

just stuff

Ok, Ms. Roxanne - I'll take your challenge. I doubt I can come up with as many random facts as you and it would be crazy to try to top Katie's 50.
1. I much prefer reading a hardcover book to a paperback.
2. I've had a piece of artwork published in a medical journal. It was an article on circumcision. Guess what I drew?
3. When I was a freshman in HS, my seminary teacher was talking about circumcision. Although I was terribly shy and rarely ever spoke in public, I asked what circumcision was. He told me to go home and ask my mom. (hey, mister, . . . you're the one who brought it up!)
4. I love "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I've watched it multiple times and never get tired of it.
5. I usually don't like to watch movies over and over.
6. I've been involved in a bookclub for about 14 years.
7. I'm a night owl. I can get more done after 7 pm than most any other portion of my day.
8. I refinished the wood on our 50 year old piano.
9. I love getting the mail every day. I always have.
10. I fell off a toilet when I was three and had to get stiches in my head.
11. I grew up in a family of nine kids and still ended up having a bedroom all to myself through high school.
12. I never visited the Meteor Crater until I moved away from Winslow.
13. There weren't many interesting destinations in or around Winslow. Our 6th grade went on a field trip to the BVD underwear plant.
14. My first traffic ticket was shortly after I got my driver's license. I was so scared, I had tears before the police even got to my window.
15. I haven't had a traffic ticket in 20 years now.
16. My dad was our bishop all during my teenage years.
17. When I was very young, our ward was being divided. Everyone was talking about it and wondering how it would be split up. I was very nervous that I would be in a different ward than my parents and wouldn't know when to go to church.
18. My earliest memory is being scared of a witch that was apparently living in our lower level garage. There were often witches outside my bedroom windows in several of our homes during my childhood.
19. I was very excited to head off to an out of state college and then was scared to death to be dropped off in an unfamiliar city.
20. I make pretty good home-made bread, but I don't make it very often.
21. I hate wearing shoes. I am always barefoot at home. I would also be barefoot in most public places if I thought I could get away with it.
22. My middle name is Leigh. I love the way it is spelled.
23. I didn't visit the Grand Canyon until I was an adult. It was a bitter cold day in February and the canyon was full to the rim with fog.
24. I have been married for almost half of my life now. I love that.
25. Fantasy is my least favorite genre for books and movies. My husband and daughter love them. I can hardly sit through a fantasy movie.
26. I was painfully shy when I was in grade school. I had a teacher that would force me to talk to her by asking me what I ate for breakfast. I really didn't care for her. Then she became friends with my mom and started showing up at our house.
27. I got an Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in the 1980's. This was before computers. Everything we did/made/drew/designed was done manually. The minute I graduated, the whole industry started going electronic. My entire degree was instantly outdated.
28. I'm still glad I finished my degree.
29. I have hit my head and knocked myself unconscious 3 times in my life.
30. Dave and I have been on 9 cruises.

I tag Meghan and Cindi. Random facts . . . as many or few as you want.


Heidi said...

Fun to learn so many things about you! I'm jealous of the cruises!

Katie said...

Spencer was very surprised to find out you're a porn artist. I love reading these fact lists. The childhood facts were especially funny to me...fear of your parents being in a different ward! that's a classic.

Cynthia said...

I was surprised by your second fact too!! That's pretty weird, not gunna lie. I found out some stuff I didnt'even know about my own mom, who-da-thunk it.


two forks said...

i love the "ward splitting" stress you went through as a little kid! that is pretty funny.

Suzanne Barker said...

BVD plant! that's hilarious. And the ward splitting. Very fun Cindy leigh!

Meghan said...

Cynthia, I think you should find your glorious artwork and display it on your blog. Fact #2 has the most comments by far.

Meghan said...

Is it The "Inconspicious Penis"?

".....thank Terri Jones and Cindy Hale for artistic assistance."

Is that you?!

Cynthia said...

Ms. Meghan - why yes it is. Figure #2 to be exact. Isn't it lovely? Our friend Rob was putting together the article.
btw - what were you doing googling the "p" word? haha

Meghan said...

well, Cynthia, if you must know, I did not google the "P" word. I typed in "Cynthia Hale article circumsion." Lo and behold, I came up across uour drawing. It appears to be very specific and well-detailed. I congratulate you.

rachel said...

Hahaha, you guys are great! Meghan, I can't believe you googled it. I can't believe it's on the internet!