Sunday, February 24, 2008

bring it on!

Melanie tells me she was in 6th grade when this fantastic collection of poetry was penned:

Melanie -
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you so much that
well, we stick together like glue.

Mom -
You're crazy, Melanie.

Melanie -
Roses R Red
Violets R Blue
Mom's shoes look nice but, . . .
mine are better! haha

Mom -
Roses are red
Violets are blue
your poem doesn't rhyme
and where the heck did you get those cool, pink shoes?

Melanie -
What the heck kind of poem is that?

Mom -
It's the kind of poem that I want to know where you got those shoes!

Melanie -
Roses R red
Violets R blue
I don't like
the smell of poo.

Mom -
I love roses,
Red ones the most.
I don't like your poem
There's a word that is gross!

Melanie -
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What's sticky is glue
and that's so true.

Mom -
Your poem is so clever.
The facts, they are true.
But it's also not funny -
Write a funny one or two.

Melanie -
Cleaning the garage,
I almost feel like camoflauge,
looking at all of the junk,
Smelling some kind of funk.

Mom -
Better, but not hilarious,
Make me laugh delirious . . .
Clouds are fluffy, clouds are nice
Clouds are pretty, too.
Clouds are bright, clouds are dark,
Clouds are old or new.
Do you know what I think about
When I get out of bed?
I hope one doesn't fall down
And bonk me on the head!

Melanie -
I like your poem oh so well
but mine are fairly better.
The exchange of my words are scrambled
with many different letters.

Mom -
You think you're going to challenge me?
You think your poems are better?
Don't even think you can compare -
Not one word, not one letter!
My rhyming brain will always win,
I'm an award winning poet.
You think you want to "Bring it on"?
I'm a poet, you don't even know it!

Melanie -
Okay, okay, I guess I'll give up --
If you ever try to beat me again,
My brain will be more clever.
That's why I found the barried treasure
Because you know, . . . I'M CLEVER!!!

Mom -
You are so clever, that is true,
Your words . . . they are so telling.
However, I should call your teacher,
So she can work on your spelling!!

(Hmmmm . . . . Sadly, I can't remember what the sacrament meeting topics were the day those were written.)


Katie said...

It's a darn good thing I'm not wearing mascara. That post resulted in the kind of laughter that brings tears. My few minutes of quiet today are spent in boisterous laughter. I'm afraid I've woken the crazies. That was made "me laugh delirious!"

My favorite poem:

I love roses,
Red ones the most.
I don't like your poem
There's a word that is gross!

Even just typing it here makes me giggle til I can't stop. Oh my word. I also like the last one.

I love that it started out with the typical "roses are red..." and you started branching out to out do each other.

I laughed again when I found out this exchange took place during sacrament meeting.

Thanks for sharing. I needed that.

CaliZona said...

Something about those high council Sundays that inspire literary genius...

rachel said...

Clever indeeed! I love it!