Wednesday, February 13, 2008

meet lexi

We did it -- she's got a name.

(Whew - that was harder than it should have been!)

Thank you one and all the the name suggestions. It took a whole village of people to make that decision! (It also took an hour of sequestering the girls to make a final choice they could be happy with.)
Parker, she does kind of look like "Tortellini". Thank you for that wonderful suggestion. I would love for you to come and play with her some day.


Chelsea said...

Lexi is ADORABLE. She of course is no Kipp replacement, but I'm sure she'll fill in the silence around the house! What a fun new addition to the family!

Suzanne Barker said...

What a cute picture! She is so sweet.

CaliZona said...

After November, you should add a middle name:
a) Lexi Obama Hale
b) Lexi McCain Hale
c) Lexi Clinton Hale
for short - she'd be "Lexi-0", or "McLexi" or ... then put p-nut butter in her mouth, film it and put an appropriate sound bite acceptance speech behind it and you're all set for a YouTube sensation. Hey, I've got costumes...Asia can do the makeup.