Monday, November 5, 2012

stuff going on around here

Roxanne got a chance to go to Disneyland recently and to the ASU Homecoming game a couple weeks ago. I keep getting great pictures of her adventures. Unfortunately, I'm only getting pictures, not invitations to join in the fun. She sent me a few photos from California. She is heading toward graduation in a couple months, ahead of schedule, with great grades and with invitation to an honor society. I don't know how she has time for fun too. I'm not sure she ever sleeps or eats.

Melanie sent me a fun text and some fun photos a couple weeks ago too. She got nominated for Homecoming Queen (or as they call it - Mr and Mrs EAC). There was a funny audition (pageant?) and some voting. They were planning to announce the winners at the Homecoming game on Saturday night.  I told her she better not keep me waiting for the news all night.  When they were placing the winning tiara on her head, she better be saying ". . . just a minute, I'm on the phone with my Mom!"  She and her friend Adam won. I had to ask her if that honor wasn't saved for a local girl? or for someone who is a little older?, or maybe even someone who has been in that town/school/zip code for more than a couple of months? You can see the fun and silliness she constantly enjoys with the formal dress combined with the painted handprint on her face. She is enjoying every single activity her school, town, institute, apartments and friends have to offer.  Myrenda made a comment on one of her face book photos recently "Now, are there actually any classrooms at this college? :) "
Brady changed out our headlights on my car last week, not just the bulb, but the whole unit. I'm not sure why that made me so happy, but the bright, shiny and clear headlights and the recent wheel covers we put on our old car just made my day. Thank you Brady!
Rachel had a birthday this week. The kids have some new friends that have been coming over occasionally on Sunday evenings.  I had to apologize that they started coming over at the beginning of our family's birthday season. Every time they showed up, they were singing Happy Birthday so someone and involved with our silly birthday traditions. Rachel's birthday wraps up the season and we have a long dry spell until late next spring. Her birthday actually fell on a Halloween Party night. Here she is dressed as Katness Everdean, from the Hunger Games. She is awesome!

I think I'm living vicariously through my kids. Most days life is full of dull office work. I live for a fun text picture message from them regularly. 

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Lauri said...

Nothing wrong with living vicariously through your children. Although it's a rude awakening when they all leave home and you have to start living your own boring life once again. Trust me, I know these things.