Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

Happy Halloween !!
 It's been a fun week of Halloween activities.  The Ward Trunk-or-Treat (actually it was a Neighborhood Fall Safety Fair - much bigger and better than just a ward activity) was a smashing success.  I got to help with the Spook Alley a little bit. The genius behind the amazing Spook Alley the past 3 years has been Deanna. She is AMAZING in so many ways. Not only was the activity cool (tons of Artwork, a black light room, video projections throughout, music, characters) but look at her costume! I made her explain it to me. It was a process involving an oatmeal container, gelatin, doll hair, spray paint etc and it was solidly attached to her head for the evening. I can't begin to tell you how much fun this girl is. I don't think she can do anything less than 110% 180%.
The kids have a cousin, Kirsten, that lives on the other side of town. I wish they lived closer, it is fun to have Kirsten and her husband Adam over to the house. Anyway,I thought Rachel was excited to see Psy, but it was actually Adam's brother who had recently moved to our part of town.
Rachel was saying she was excited to have children to make costumes for one day. We were loving some of the kids costumes and some of the family theme costumes. (I love this family.)
I told her I miss that stage too. All I've got now is to make costumes for Grandpa!
Roxanne and Melanie were sending pictures of their costumes, friends and parties.  I don't know where Roxanne's was taken, but that's a pretty cool backdrop, and some awesome costumes. Roxanne is Little Red Riding Hood and her boyfriend is the Big Bad Wolf.  His t-shirt says "World's Best Grandma".
Brady even dressed up for a party. We all had costumes, we were just never in the same place to get a picture together.

Melanie had several parties over the last couple of weeks, and I think she came up with a different costume for each event.

I'm glad Dave and his Dad are good sports. I haven't done costumes for us for many years. But now that the kids are grown, I'm starting to get back into the Halloween spirit for us.

Here are a few funny (rejected) Halloween greeting card ideas from shoeboxblog

Only about 20% of what gets turned in gets accepted and becomes a Shoebox card.
Here, we feature the other 80%.
Happy Halloween to someone who
couldn’t be scary if they tried.
Sometimes, I pretend I’m not
at home and eat all the candy
I also do that on Halloween.
It's Halloween and I love you.
That second part isn't supposed to be scary.
Are you going as a Werewolf this Halloween?
Because you already have the back hair for it.
Halloween is a great day to scare Grandma.
But only if you're in the will.
It's Halloween and I love you.
Still, though, touch my candy and die!


Lauri said...

i don't think i've put on a costume since I was 12 years old. You're a way better sport than I am. Looks like another successful celebration (and I love that you even got Dave's dad into costume).

I also had to laugh at the post below about no-cook dinners. The first thing I thought of when I saw the pic was, "isn't that toast????"

Bandanamom said...

don't you think they SHOULD make the cards that you have listed here? I mean those are funny.

I'm glad some people still have the desire to dress up for Halloween. I can't seem to find the energy for that anymore. But I do like Halloween.

Kasia Cook said...

Haha I love Delos's costume! You guys are so much fun!!