Saturday, November 10, 2012

texting, part 2

I reviewed our family's phone bill yesterday and found some interesting numbers. Our billing cycle is only 2/3 through the month and here is how our texting data, messages sent and received, is listing out:
(luckily we have unlimited texting)
Grandpa - 0 texts
David - 52 texts
Cynthia - 225
Rachel - 545
Brady - 743
Roxanne - 1523
and Melanie . . . (drumroll please) 4158 texts !!
Notice how this goes in age order? 
I think it goes in opposite age order for number of minutes of actual talking. (except for Grandpa, he uses less than 5 minutes of airtime most months. We are still trying to convince him it's just a phone and not a confusing piece of technology)
The questions I need to ask is  . . . Melanie, do you ever take a break from your phone?????

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