Friday, November 9, 2012


Melanie: Mt. Graham is in there somewhere!! It's PERFECT weather here :)
Me: Beautiful. Did you take that from town? or are YOU out somewhere? I don't know why my text always spells YOU in capital letters.
Melanie: Hahahahaha mom, YOU have no idea how hard and long I just laughed at that cause it does that on my phone too!!  and I took that from my office window!
Me: I feel like i'm yelling at YOU sometimes.
Melanie: Hahahahaha i'm sitting here literally bouncing up and down laughing. Haha i understand you're not yelling at me though:) and i don't know why but my phone also capitalized the word SWAG automatically. Probably because when i use that term, it it critical the message of coolness gets across.
Me: Now i am sitting at my desk laughing out loud all by myself. 
Melanie: Haha the peach doesn't fall far from the tree:)  Haha YOU are my mother!

Should I worry about my daughter?? there is a lot of hahahahahahahahaha's in there. And quite a few !!!!!!!s, and I always get plenty of :) s.    Maybe we are too easily entertained, or maybe totally bored sitting at our desks across the miles from each other.

I went out hiking last night. I planned a 45 minute route at about 45 minutes before I thought it would get dark. I wasn't anywhere near the parking lot as it was getting to the 45 minute mark, but although it should have been getting dark,  the cloud cover was illuminating the city lights and it never got dark.  I had a flashlight with me, but didn't need to turn it on. The lighting was cool and the temperature was pleasant and I ended up walking around in the hills for another 30 minutes. Perfect evening. Sadly, I had planned to go to a bookclub meeting last night, I had it on my calendar, and I had remembered it the previous day, but it slipped my mind and I went home instead. I actually missed two events this week. I was going to pop in to the RS volleyball activity and spaced that too. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. My days have been quite busy. Maybe my mind has just hit its capacity. I think I need to start putting events on my phone with an alarm reminder.


Suzanne Barker said...

YOU make me laugh. Both of YOU!

Robyn said...

I love that you guys are buddies. My phone always capitalizes SAM, which after writing that several times, David informed me a SAM is a surface-to-air missile.