Tuesday, July 31, 2012

stuff i keep

I have kept a box of sheet music of my mom's for many many years. It included sheet music from the 1950's and 60's. Everyone has picked through it and taken what they wanted, and still the box took up space in my closet for a long long time. I finally took it out to ASU and made a donation to the music department's library. My mom attended ASU, I graduated from ASU and Rachel graduated from the music school at ASU, so it seemed a good place to make a donation. I wonder sometimes why I get so attached to "things" that we keep around here.
These are some of the pieces I kept. But in the donated box, there were many songs that were completely unfamiliar to any of us. I look through the sheet music I purchased and have saved since I was a teen and a young adult. Most of it will be of no use to my kids either. I'm sure a lot of it will be unfamiliar or just plain weird. I rarely pull it out, rarely use it, yet I keep it. It's just one of those things my kids will have to deal with at the end of my existence.
I actually should pull out all my music once in a while. I think I would enjoy playing some of it and for sure I could annoy my kids with it, and that is always good to do on a semi-regular basis. I really should simply play the piano more often. Heidi asked me this week when I practice the organ. I had to confess I don't ever practice the organ.  Well, I take that back. If it's a funeral or something special, I do actually practice. I just don't practice the week to week music for Sunday services. I do a quick run through on the piano before I head out to church on Sunday mornings and call it good.

From my box -- Here's a piece that stands the test of time, who even remembers the movie 'Ice Castles"?
And this piece cracks me up because of the rendition that Rowan Atkinson did at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics this week.  The music actually looks exactly like what he was playing.

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Clan Whipple said...

I've played Ice Castles for weddng ceremonies a few times over the years. Still works.