Sunday, July 29, 2012

watson lake

Suzanne and I have been kayaking at Watsons Lake a couple of times. Loved it.  I thought it might be something our family would enjoy, but unfortunately our family is always too busy to find a free day to actually do things together.  But we gave it a try and planned a Saturday to go play and we had a 66% attendance rate, so that's pretty good. It ended up being a girls outing. We drove up to Prescott and were out on the lake by 8:30 in the morning. The weather was slightly overcast and it felt wonderful.  We rented a two kayaks for a couple of hours and paddled around the lake and explored around the rocks and formations of the lake.

 You need to look at these pictures with the Pocahontas tune "Just around the river bend" in your head, because that is what Rachel and I were hearing coming from the other boat.

 We clearly have an issue with 'DANGER'

 "Melanie - just smile for a normal picture!!"
"I'm just such a Gem !"
There was a club meeting of some sort on the bank of the lake.  They were flying remote control planes over the lake by the dock.  Not little toy planes that you buy at Target, but big HUGE (like 4 foot wing span) planes that clearly were built by hand by this little group. The only thing that scared me was that one of them took a nose dive into the water and broke in half right in front of us as we were first paddling out into the lake.  I was anxious to get out farther into the lake so I wouldn't get swiped by a dive bombing toy airplane.
After we wore ourselves out on the lake, we went into Prescott and had lunch at the Raven Cafe, then strolled around some of the shops in town.  I often wish we had the resources to take a girls-only trip to San Francisco or New Orleans or New York city. Of course that would be awesome fun, but I need to remember how much fun a quick Saturday trip can be.  I love these girls.

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Lauri said...

What a fun day! Girl time is the best and your girls are SO much fun!!!