Sunday, July 29, 2012

not quite enough cars

The other day, Lezlee asked me if I could give her a quick ride down the street. Absolutely no problem, right?  Except I went out into the driveway and there was no car for me to drive. We have a lot of people in this house, and everyone has their own car. How could there not be a single car in the driveway? I finally looked across the street, and luckily our daughter's boyfriend's car was parked there so I dashed down the street in Billy's car. (Sorry Billy, the car  was there, the keys were there).
I had to think through where our cars were.  Melanie gave Robyn a ride to the airport after church and used her car, then was going to return  Robyn's car to their house then go back to the church to retrieve her own car.  The problem is that the 'go back to the church' part never happened. We forgot all about her car all alone down in the church parking lot. So Melanie took my car to work instead.
The car situation surprised me because at the moment, our family is house-sitting a random list of houses, animals and cars. There seem to be extra cars here all the time.
That particular week, our family was watching over 4 houses (Melanie and Brady were both housesitting 2 houses at once)
I was helping out a friend with some animals too, and our next door neighbors were gone for a few days and we were watching over their house and watering their yard.
I counted up our responsibilities for the week:
5 houses
3 rats
5 dogs
2 turtles
4 cats
5 yard/garden
2 cars (I don't know what Brady was doing, but a different car was being parked in front our house each night)
All that was in addition to our own house, one dog, one fish, one houseplant, one yard, one garden, and 5 cars (all in various stages of broken-down-ness).
We can barely keep our own cars running, our animals fed, and our plants alive. I think we've got our friends and neighbors fooled.

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bandanamomtoo said...

Holy Cats! I so much appreciate you locating a vehicle in this situation! :) You're awesome.