Tuesday, August 7, 2012

overheard on a roadtrip

"Will the glare of the computer screen bother you while you drive?"
"Nothing bothers me - I have a cape on!"
(Dave had a towel around his shoulders soothing his sunburn)

"What's that Capital looking building?"
(um . . . the Capital, perhaps?)

"You and Roxanne carry such big purses. What do you keep in there? If I had one that big, I'd keep a Rotisserie chicken in mine. I'm so hungry, that's all I'm thinking about."

"Have you ever been to Lake Pleasant before?"
"Yeah, a few times, . . . tubing. I think that's my best sport - holding on for dear life."

"Do they grow buckwheat around here?"
"No, I've never seen it grow."
"Then where did Brent get it for the pancakes?"
"Well, he probably went to the store and bought it."
"I was startled by how dark the pancakes were. I thought, Awesome - Chocolate Pancakes!"

"I got my survival bracelet on in case we break down on the way home."
"So . . .  like if we need to pull our car up a cliff ??"

"Does anyone have a trashbag?"
"What? How do you have trash? We just turned the car on! We haven't even left the parking lot!"

"Why are they coming to a hotel when they have a hotel on the back of their truck?"

Conversation about the "awkward gene" running through the Hale line.
Then stories starting flowing about marriage proposals and engagement stories.
"I think that line of stories just solidified my point about the 'awkward gene' ! "

Trying to find an act for the family talent show, considering Jimmy Fallon's "History of Rap"
"Wait - do our parents know rap? Will this be funny to anyone?"

"It's a video . . .  'askin all them questions' . . . "
"Asking all those questions?"
"NO! . . . Askin' . . . Put some 'hood' into it, Roxanne!"

We weren't sure whether the Parlor was temporary, or the tattoos were temporary:

"I don't think Ben is really a Hale. He doesn't snore!"

Story told of creepiest statement ever made and worst testimony ever, all in one story.
(sorry, can't share it here)

"Your Grandpa is like the Ward Mascot."

"I think Dad has ADD. He said, 'do you want lunch?' then the car screeched into a parking lot, and he says 'we're here', all in about 2 seconds."

Singing: "I whip my hair back and forth"
"You shouldn't do that. You hurt yourself last time."
"But I have perfect whipping hair!"

Movie quotes thrown into conversations all day - points given if you know the movie. Ben was good at throwing out quotes. We were terrible about guessing the movie.


Robyn said...

That was an awesome post. Can I come on a road trip with your family?

Lauri said...

I live for your conversation posts. Your family could be a sit-com

newlifefurnitureart said...

I don't know which awesomeness I missed out on more: a temporary tattoo or a rapping hair whip from a chicken-toting road rage hungry man.

Choices choices.

Megan said...

I think I would really love to sit in the back seat of a road trip with your family!
It was so fun to see you guys! Thanks for driving all the way down to Provo for the day.