Thursday, August 30, 2012

things that bug me

Melanie and I started in on all the things that bugged us recently.  I was surprised how easily our list evolved and how long it was.  I won't list all the things that bug us, because honestly, some of them were people, not things (it was just one of those days).  Melanie and I have a pact that we can safely "vent" when we drive in the car.  What is said in the car, stays in the car.  So that day, we were certainly venting.  But except for the things that won't be repeated , here is our list. Some of these things are Melanie's. I will say she is weirder than me in some aspects. 

Things that bug us:

Self check out. Once in a while it is convenient, but it is hard to keep my purse/wallet safe while I am busy checking and bagging my merchandise.  AND , if I have to work like I'm an employee of the store, what is the benefit to me? I need a discount for my efforts.

Stupid notices: (this one is actually taken from a government form I receive every month)
Payment is due on the 20th of the month. We will accept the return and payment as timely if postmarked by the 25th of the month or walked in to one of our offices by the second to the last business day of the month.
(so, is it actually due on the 20th? the 25th? or the second to the last day of the month?)

Radio advertisements that use the sound of honking horns in their ads. I try to pay attention to sounds around me while I drive and the sound of a car horn is meant to get your attention to possible danger or harm.  It shouldn't be sounding from the radio speakers.

Toilet papers rolls put on backwards.  I don't care if I am at someone else's house, I will replace the roll so it properly unrolls from the top and front.

A wrinkle in my sock, inside my shoe.

Product packaging that takes a box cutter and pliers to open.

The crying baby in the "silence is golden" message before a movie begins in the theaters.

A half empty egg carton in the fridge that is unbalanced.  The eggs need to be distributed so the weight is even when you pick up the carton.

When my eye twitches.

Food containers with the safety seal only halfway removed.

Bubbles (from someone else's use) on a bar of soap that I'm about to use.

Having to battle the insurance company, the IRS, or city hall.

Having multiple items in my work "to do" list that I really don't know how to do. I work alone in this office, there's no one to ask questions and I'm really not a good problem solver.

Endless menu options when you are trying to get to a customer service rep on the phone.

Getting cut off after being on hold FOREVER.

But then there are things that bring a little joy into our lives too, little bits of happiness:

Big chunks of granola in the cereal.

A really good logo design on a package.

Creamy peanut butter.

Scissors gliding across wrapping paper without actually cutting.

The different designs of the logo on the Google face page.

Movie previews at the theater.

Emptying out the hole puncher.

Unexpected messages from a friend on Facebook.

A clean car (especially if someone else cleaned it).

Real mail from a real person in the mailbox.

A Saturday morning with nothing on the "to do" list.

When TIVO records a suggested program and you find out you like it.


The first pleasant weather day after a long hot summer.

A customer service representative that calls you back after getting disconnected and apologizes!

What gives you a little bit of joy?


everyday katie said...

You have a real person in your mailbox? That's kinda creepy.

Suzanne Barker said...

but you get too much toilet paper rolling out when it comes off the top!

The Dahl Family said...

It gives me joy to read your blog entries. I laugh, I cry, I go away uplifted!

Roxanne Hale said...

The egg carton thing totally bugs me!

Also when people leave half full or even empty cups lying around all of the time.

What brings ME joy? Getting real letters from my mother in the mail with stickers on the outside of the envelope. It makes it seem cool, even if it's not.