Friday, December 2, 2011

the world is a stage

The girls are performing all over town this week. I love going to Rachel's college performances. We paid our dues sitting through many grade school music programs. My parents sat through all my performances and piano recitals through grade school and Jr High but sadly, I never progressed from there. I am still stuck at my 16 year old level of musicality. Rachel broke the barrier and is graduating from ASU with a music degree next month (YAY). One of the groups she has performed with this semester is a steel band. They performed out in Scottsdale this week at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). It's a beautiful building and there are weekly free concerts. I think I may have to head out more often. I had a good seat to hear the music, but a bad seat to see Rachel. I zoomed in at one point and you can see the top of her hair for a brief moment.

Another awesome performance was by the Young Women in our ward. They invited us to their Young Women in Excellence night. The theme was the Wizard of OZ. I wish I had my camera out all evening, it was absolutely adorable. However I did get a quick photo of Melanie, the flying monkey, apparently placing her monkey shoes on the ever protected and watched over Relief Society tablecloths (bad monkey!)Last but not least, I begged Roxanne to come sing with a group of young adults in our area for a RS program last night. She looks smart and professional even after a long day of both school and work. The rest of the weekend belongs to Dave. He completed building his float for the Electric Light Parade tomorrow night and has sat down to rest for the first time in 4 weeks tonight.
I'm looking forward to our schedules slowing down. (I can dream, can't I?)

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Suzanne Barker said...

Every member of your family is talented and beautiful! (or handsome as the case may be)!