Monday, December 12, 2011

family night

Olivia: "Could you imagine this family mixed with alcohol?" We shuddered as we pondered that thought. Could our group be any funnier? no. Could the room be filled with any louder voices? no. Could there be any sillier antics? no. Gratefully, no alcohol necessary.
A party with the Whipples brings its own level of crazyness. I've got to say, as the family was gathering, saying the hellos, hugging, setting up the food table -- it was all good manners, politely catching up on recent family events, calmly sitting in the living room and chatting over the coffee table. Then the Whipples walk in (my brother and sister in law and kids and spouses and granddaughter.) The energy and sound increases to a level that I can't mathmatically calculate. First of all, they all made Christmas Sweaters. If I understand the story correctly, they sacrificed an entire night of sleep to make sweaters together until the wee hours of the morning. I wish I could have been there to witness the crazyness of that night. The sweatshirts were decorated with full size tree ornaments and garland. Awesome!
Then the stories started - about a visit to a business where all the employees were wearing pajamas (and there was a detailed description of one particular woman wearing a too small pair of pj, and the ensuing wedgie). There was mention of streaking in the snow (ahem, Ben). There was a description of poor Addy's hair that won't lay down- "if you were to gel her hair, and let it dry and poke someone with it, there would definately be a puncture wound." She is the cutest baby and her adorable little mom hardly ever gets to attend to her as there were 18 other people in the room vying for a turn with her. Through the evening, there was drawing on our heads, there were maids-a-milking, and ladies dancing (ahem, -- Ben) . There was a beautiful spread of sweets for everyone (and Melanie still managed to sell a box full of candy bars for her soccer fundraiser to all her cousins and aunts.) And this was all on a night that at least a half dozen family members were in the middle of college or high school finals. Roxanne even took an on-line test in the middle of the party with all the laughter going on in the room.
It was a simple evening. Lauri claimed it was too, but her house was too decorated and the treats too pretty to have been simple for her. check out how pretty her house is. We had some yummy treats, and exchanged a few gifts and got home before 10 pm. Except for the fact that Melanie was feeling rotten all day, and came home tonight with a fever and can't miss school tomorrow, and I am recovering from a medical procedure this morning, and Rachel is still studying for her last final tomorrow, and Dave still needs to write up some bids tonight, and Roxanne had to borrow a car to get there because hers is broken, it was still so worth putting all our troubles aside and spending a fun night with the family. We wouldn't have missed it. I LOVE THEM !!!


Terri said...

Don't think I didn't pick up on the "medical procedure" comment. How are you?

Cathy said...

Sounds fun, can I be adopted into your family? And Hey! What's going on with you and your "medical proceedure"!