Tuesday, December 27, 2011

overheard . . .

Text to Roxanne: The Vernons just brought us over some of their homemade salsa.

Cynthia: "Brady, can you get this next recipe started?"
Brady, reading the recipe: "You need a degree to make this! I'm not a sauteeing and whisking kind of guy. I'm more of a set the table kind of guy."
Cynthia: " . . . and yet the table is not set."
Brady: "hey, I was taking 5."
Cynthia: "Your 5 was running into about 14."
Brady: "I am still moving at the pace of the mid-west. They do everything slower there."

Rachel and Brady both tried out Mel's onion goggles: "These are sucking my eyes back into my head" Letter to Santa (just to clarify . . . kids are ages 17-25) - apology about not saving enough Muddy Buddies, and a quick explanation about the yummy, yet not so pudding-ish, figgy pudding.Christmas presents finally beginning at 11:22 a.m.
Dave: "Should we start?"

Brady, opening a shirt: "It's soft. It's huggable. People will want to hug me."

Dave, about Rachel's jewelry holder: "You can get your mom to make little clothes for it.
"Mel: "She'll make it modest." Melanie, opening CTR Jewelry: "Good job with the righteousness, Dad."

Brady: "It's an Returned Missionary daily planner."
Melanie: "That's like missionary rehab."

Random comments:

"That is a very stiff bracelet. It's like beef jerky."

Glasses, drinking straw: That would be weird for hot chocolate - it would be like 'OWWW'!
Rachel, after opening many nail products: "We're having a nail party today. Brady's going to get his nails done!

"This is how I'll become famous, Roxanne. This will be on YouTube. I'll be on 'So You Think You Can Dance'. I'll win".

Dave got everyone nerf guns. He gave the kids about 4 nerf bullets and he packed 36 each into our ammo pack!

We love being together at Christmas. Brady was home with us again after being in Iowa for 2 years. Christmas fell on Sunday so we were able to spend the morning at church with people we love. I can't imagine a nicer Christmas . . . silly-ness and all.


Lauri said...

I wait all year for the post of what was said at your house while opening presents. Once again, your family did not disappoint!!

Anonymous said...

How Fun!

Robyn said...

Your family is the coolest. I'm going to bring mine over to hang out and hope you'll rub off on us!