Monday, August 4, 2008

travel food

Things we eat in the car that I would never serve at the dinner table:
Sunflower seeds
Black licorice
Mountain Dew
These three items are the essential ingredients to keep the driver awake when we are driving long distances or driving overnight. That driver would be Dave, not me. I don't consume any of these items because A) sunflower seeds are messy. B) black licorice is gross after about two bites and C) nothing, even Mountain Dew, keeps me awake. The engine of the car lulls me to sleep. I am only good for an hour or two when Dave is at the end of his Mountain Dew buzz.
Squirty Cheese and crackers
Don't judge me. Does it help if I say the crackers were low-sodium, multi-grain crackers?
Chocolate Milk
I never have chocolate milk around the house unless my father-in-law is visiting. Then it is a daily 'must-have'.
Ok, there are chips in the house, but rarely on the table. Just tortilla chips and salsa for after school snacks.
String Cheese
Good for the car, but individually packaged bites of cheese are a little pricey for home consumption. If you have a hankering for cheese at home, get a knife and cut yourself a slice.
Well, we do have yogurt at home, but not in little plastic tubes. There is something insulting about eating out of a plastic package with pictures of Sponge Bob Square Pants on the label. You can't buy gogurt without cartoon characters on the packaging. Don't adults occasionally want to eat a conveniently packed portion of yogurt on the go?
Ice Cream Bars/Popcicles
This is a favorite purchase for Dave to get the kids at gas station stops along the road. We have some things we buy (snacks/sweets) that come into our house that are consumed or practically inhaled as soon as the grocery bags are placed on the counter. Ice cream isn't one of them. A half gallon of ice cream will sit in the freezer for weeks. However, on road trips it is a very much loved treat when Dave brings a bag of ice cream bars out of the mini mart.
Individually sized bottles of water
I always have bottled water around our house, but I buy gallon sizes. City tap water is hardly consumable here (although the city claims it is safe to drink, I have a hard time taking a swig of it even when I brush my teeth). The problem is the individual bottles. There are an over-abundance of half used water bottles all over our car. They seem to multiply and spread. And 79 cents a bottle? C'mon . . . it's just water for goodness sake. When we get to Idaho, I have to calm down mentally and remind myself that I can drink the tap water. It is actually delightful and refreshingly good.


Lauri said...

You're right about car snacks. The other funny thing about it is that you don't have to be on a road trip for more than 15 minutes before you're ready to break 'em out. Yet, when you're driving across town for 15 minutes, you never have car snacks. Crazy!

How did the first day of seminary go?

The Broken Man said...

Yes, we have things we only eat in the car too! I have a solution to the millions of water-bottles situation though. Why not take some of those empty personal-sized bottles and fill them from the gallon bottles you have at home. We re-use most of ours, as it's much better for the environment than buying new ones all the time, and it's miles cheaper!

The Broken Man

Cathy said...

For some reason, my car snacks are PeanutButter M&Ms! I too am gently lulled to sleep in the car, so I sometimes hate driving distances by myself! But cold water is a plus!

Katie said...

I feel the same way about water. Water from a tap? Gross. But eventually you find that it the right places, it's surprisingly refreshing.

And Sunflower seeds? REally? That sounds way past messy.

ONe time I thought Gogurt was a brilliant trip snack. IT's easy, individually packed, and, like you mentioned, it has a cartoon on the front. My kiddos wouldn't touch the stuff. That's not how you're supposed to eat yogurt. They prefer yogurt from the giant, economy sized tub and poured into a baby food jar. For some reason, once I put something into a tiny little jar, my kids eat three times what they normally would. Go figure.