Monday, August 25, 2008


We're not big sports fans at our house. I think Dave would watch sports a little more if he had some free time, but still, it's not the first thing he turns to. I don't follow sports at all. I'm often surprised to hear someone talking about the final game of the world series and embarrassed that I didn't even realize it was going on.

However, we have been glued to the TV this past two weeks watching the Olympics. We have loved every minute of it.

There are a few things that I am curious about. I hear that women's softball is being removed as a competing olympic sport. But these sports continue: rhythmic gymnastics (hoola hoops, ribbons and batons), 10 meter air rifle shooting, table tennis, the steeple chase and the hammer throw. I noticed there wasn't much prime time television coverage on many of these events. Men's speed walking was on at 1:30 am.

I loved watching all the Michael Phelps victories, but I kind of felt bad for the other contenders in the swimming events. The silver medalist who swam next to him? And swam ahead of him the whole entire race? and lost by a fraction of a second? yeah, I already forgot his name.

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The opening and closing ceremonies were amazing, weren't they? The buildings and structures were amazing. Do the hosting cities really recoup the costs they pour into their communities after the events are over? just curious.
Anyway, it's all over. And I'm in mourning.


Katie said...

Amen to every word you wrote. I have to re adjust to an earlier bed time. I'm no longer tired at 10:30. I find myself still staying up until 1:00 with nothing to watch.

I had no idea hula hoops were an olympic sport. I've always wanted to compete in the olympics but haven't found my niche. But hula hoops? I have never lost a hula hoop contest yet.

Seriously...never in my life lost a hula hoop contest. I one time entered a hula hoop contest at a ward activity when I was 4 or 5 months pregnant and I still beat out every 10 year old girl (and every other kid and adult) in the ward.

I've even won a hula hoop at a bowling alley or something were I had to hula hoop with 6 hoops at a time...And I could keep them all up.

London, here I come.

Cynthia said...

Oh, I don't know katie . . . they were wearing skimpy glittery costumes, standing on one hand, twisting and contorting their bodies and catching the hoop on one toe. Wait . . . I bet you COULD do that.

Suzanne Barker said...

Me too!!! I am not a sports fan in the least, but give me the Olympics and I am riveted. Winter and Summer versions. Carrie told me softball was going away because the US Women dominate it so much no one else ever wins. And now they lost this year. Too funny.
Hula Hoops? I think that must be a facet of the rythmic gymnastics, not a catagory unto itself, so Katie must be able to do the ribbon dancing etc, too!
Don't the opening and closing exercises just make you want to tear up?
And to see the Men's indoor volleyball team win such a close contest with Brasil when their coach had his father in law murdered?
It was all a very amazing experience.
And I love watching the long distance runners.