Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it was a pretty good month after all

Seventeen years ago we had the greatest month. Well, it didn't start out great. During August 1991, we got audited on our federal taxes, we got our house broken into and our TV stolen and Dave got layed off his construction job. Earlier in the year we lost maternity coverage on our health insurance. I was very, very pregnant. I had 2 previous c-sections. We had no job and our health insurance wouldn't cover a c-section. (Except for the being pregnant part, that year was just as much fun as this year has been!)

But at the end of the month, this was our prize:

Then she grew up.

She is #3 of these crazy four.

She is lovely.

And this week it's her birthday.

Love you, Roxanne.


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, I guess looking back on it all, she's worth it!

Katie said...

You guys have the worst luck.

That last picture looks like an album cover.

you're right, she is lovely. (ans always has been.)

Cynthia said...

We occassionally have bad luck, but as long as there are 17 years in between the bad ones, I think we'll survive.

Lauri said...

I agree with Katie...that should be a CD cover. Roxanne, would you go out and make some music?!

rachel said...

Yay! happy birthday Roxanne. hope senior year is the best :)

Suzanne Barker said...

Happy Happy Birthday Roxanne! Of course you are gorgeous and your mom has so many great photos of your family to post. I can't believe you were so little when you got Kip!
It's a good thing you always have such a great attitude Cynthia!

rachel said...

Picture taken by the amazing Jennifer Devey, that's right. :)

Cynthia said...

Awh you're so sweet!
Thanks mom, love ya too(:

<3 Roxanne