Sunday, August 10, 2008

my feet are killing me

Ever since our fig tree was cut down and chopped up, I have been walking on these little jaggedy pieces of cut up branches all over the back yard. Which is painful because I never wear shoes. There are hundreds of these little tiny sticks deep down in our lawn. The yard was raked. Then our irrigation came and I raked while the water was in so all the wood was floating. I raked before the lawn was mowed, and I raked after the lawn was mowed. Now I am picking up each and every little stick that I step on as I traverse the yard. One by one, picking up each piece by hand.
Except occasionally I am finding that some of them are not actually pieces of wood. Thanks for the lovely surprises, Lexi.


Anonymous said...

Ain't Life Great! I guess you will have to give up and try some shoes for a change! It might save your feet!

Anonymous said...

What? What were they, Cynthia?