Saturday, November 22, 2014

camping in payson

We had been trying to find something we could do all together this summer. Everyone has crazy work schedules and couldn't find a time to leave for a week and vacation. So our plan became a real simple camping trip in Payson, less than 2 hours away. We reserved a spot in a campground from Thursday morning through the weekend, and off we went. As it ended up, no one but Dave and I actually had all 4 days free, so everyone was coming and going to suit their schedules. Lauri came up for a couple of days too. It was fun to have her be able to get away with us.
As we were putting up our camp the first day, we were all joking because we all know Lauri does not like to camp - never has. Actually, I don't think she minds the camping part, just doesn't like the not being able to get cleaned up every day part. I think she's game for a day or two, but I doubt she'd ever commit to a week or 10 day camping trip. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'd enjoy camping that long either. I think 4 or 5 days of tent camping would be plenty for me. A cabin in the woods on the other hand?  I think I could enjoy that!
Anyway, we found a campground that it literally right in Payson city limits. It's across the street from Home Depot and a few hundred yards out into the forest. We chose it because of everyone's coming and going schedule, but also because we didn't need a totally wilderness experience, just a get-out-of-the-city for a few days experience. We wanted to keep it simple. 
We enjoyed teasing Lauri in her camping experience and her prep and packing. We found she brought this flashlight with her, although after laughing at her about it, we realized it was far superior to our big flashlights. 
We also had to laugh at her white purse she packed to the campground, sitting next to all the other camping duffel bags. 
We posted some info onto Facebook and had comments from Katie: "This is a side of my mom I have never, ever, ever, EVER seen. Not once. Thanks for documenting this, otherwise I wouldn't have believed it. Still not 100% certain that this is wasn't just staged."  
To which Lauri replied "I think I was invited for entertainment purposes. I better not be on a raft in the water in the morning . . . (think 'Parent Trap')"

Although the photo I have here is of Lauri cooking, Dave is the one who loves cooking in the outdoors. He makes some great steaks and grilled potatoes, and of course pancakes for breakfast!
Other activities going on around here are the smelling of the Pine Trees. Apparently, trees have a distinctive Vanilla or Chocolate smell. Melanie tried to convince everyone this was so, but I'm not sure she ended up with many believers.

We celebrated Jonny's birthday while camping, played cards, played guitar, went for walks around the camp, and went hiking around the creek nearby the next day. It's fun being parents of adult kids, and I love that they enjoy spending time together.

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