Saturday, November 22, 2014

east verde river

While we were camping, we drove up the road to the East Verde River. We actually just went camping and hiking on a description that Suzanne had given us from a fun weekend getaway she had recently had up there. When we posted the pictures, several people said - Wow, so pretty. where is that? So a quick Google search told me that we hiked and splashed in the East Verde River -- Highway 87, turn east on Houston Mesa Road and then drive out about 8 miles. There were 3 different parking lots over a couple of miles. We just drove out and hiked around until we were away from the crowds. (There weren't really many people around, but we hiked out until we were alone).
The water was chilly, and I had a slight tendon injury that I was supposed to be icing so it felt great to have my foot just soaking in the chilled water. The rest of the gang got in the water and were a bit more adventurous. Even though I have visiting many beautiful places in our state, it still surprises me to find a beautiful water oasis in middle of Arizona.  

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