Friday, September 26, 2014

the crowded house

I was going through my list of blog entries and found a post that I apparently never hit the "Publish" button.  It is from 2 years ago, but full of fun memories, so I'm going to share it 2 years late. 
 I'm posting more pictures from our reunion. It's a little much, I know. but if not a post about a reunion, the only thing left to post about is sales tax forms and collection calls. That's about all that's going on in my life this week.
We went on a road trip with these crazies. Our four kids, of course, and their cousin Ben. Plus Dave and I. And we picked up Dave's brother Eric on the way too.
Ben lives in Florida, flew to Phoenix and took a roadtrip with us. I couldn't imaging flying west across the country, then driving north across the country. Too much traveling for me. I am becoming kind of a baby about long trips. I'm probably going to be an old lady that doesn't like the long drive to Mesa. I'm glad it wasn't too much travel for him, because we really enjoyed spending time with him. I wish his wife and kids could have come too.
The reason for this trip was the upcoming 90th birthday of Dave's dad. (Thank Chelsea for the cool cake)
There were a lot of people coming to celebrate with him. I saw this book in the living room, the title seemed kind of appropriate. As you can see, the house got a bit crowded and spilled out into the back yard.
There were a couple people I didn't get a clear view of their face, because there was a camera in use most of the time.

As reunions go, there is time for 3 brothers who live in 3 different states to spend some time together.

There were some games going on - I'm not sure what the rules were, but the point would be use great force to see how high you could send the kickball into the atmophere while on the swingset. The other rule would be to make sure the ball was sent "skyward" and not toward the women relaxing in the lawn chairs nearby.

We spent one morning (about 12 of us) at an indoor gun range in town. Can I say that was a lot of fun? I've never done that before. You can see from the picture below how well I am doing.
(Just kidding Tamera. You were awesome!)

We had a picnic breakfast at Justice Park where the boys would often go when they were growing up.

Of course there was some raspberry picking in Grandpa's garden!

There was some barbequeing in the back yard as well.

I don't think the swings ever stopped.

There were a bazillion pictures taken of this beautiful sweet little thing (Aleah). And all but one were happy. So I'm going to post it .
Delos and 3 of the 5 boys.
We are planning another get together in 4 years. That's probably logical to have big get-togethers spaced out over time because this family lives from the east coast to the west coast, but it is hard to go that long without seeing each other.  Good thing for blogs and facebook!

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