Friday, September 26, 2014


Talking about Topher's server, how big is was, how much storage it had - "He could scan himself right into it and still have room left over . . .  He could Willy Wonka himself!"

We were talking about Dave's Steel Toed Boots, and then the conversation flowed toward Steel toed Flip Flops and Steel toed toe socks.

In a game, a questions was: How many miles around the equator of the earth? After we figured out the correct answer, Dave said:"With the miles on my truck, I've driven around the world about 6 times!"

Talking about a documentary on farming and how awful the poultry business is:
". . . Foster Farms and what are the other ones? Pepperidge Farm -- no, wait, that would be a documentary about goldfish crackers."

Talking about a documentary involving whales and dolphins in captivity.
Dave:"They're taken care of and fed, aren't they?"
Kyle: "Well, we could put you in the bath tub and  bring you a sandwich every day."

Melanie: Did you have fun in San Francisco?
Brady: 'Yeah'.
Melanie: Did you take any pictures?
Brady: 'Two'.
(apparently it was an amazing and life-changing trip)

I actually read this on a Craig's list advertisement: "Cooked chicken drum sticks and thighs. I bought two boxes for my family and we only ate one.  It comes with about 6 pieces."  (I don't think someone was selling it, just giving away some extra food, but still, . . . .  ewwww)

"I just drank a sip of eggnog and my stomach is churning."
 "Next time I'll just buy you egg nog jelly beans instead of egg nog milk"

We were taking about a train that goes clear across Canada - like a cruise ship, but a train.
"What do you do all day? On a ship, you can go to movies or go swimming, but what do you do on a train?"
"Throw Rocks"

Road sign - Strong Crosswinds Possible  "I read that sign: Strong Crossword Puzzles. . . . Puzzles? ok . . . Bring it on!"

"Do fishes fart?"

Mel --"Your car sounds like a carnival ride".

Mel --"It looks like an albatross pooped on my car".

Rachel -- "This was easier when we were five" (fort building)
This comment isn't necessarily funny. The humor is that they were building a fort, from which they were planning to watch a movie.

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