Thursday, September 25, 2014

letter to the tooth fairy

I was looking for some artwork in the kids' memory boxes, so I sat down and enjoyed a trip down memory lane looking through the kids saved projects, pictures and stories.
I found a few funny notes. Some I'm not sure what was going on in our family one year. Perhaps we were particularly poor??  And there seems to be an unsympathetic tooth fairy.

Dear tooth fairy,
can you give me 3 dollars because what I need is for lunchs at school.
love Roxanne
write back to me

Dear Roxanne,
Here is some money for one lunch.  Maybe you could save some money or do some more chores for more money.  This is a very nice tooth.  It looks like a front tooth.  Smile a Lot!  love the Tooth Fairy

Dear Santa clause,
for christmas what I really really, really want is on my list with a star by it.  But I have not had a Jeep for 3 or 4 years. Pease can you get me one? If I don't get one I'll probably be very upset. I don't want to be grumpy on Christmas.
write back
love, Roxanne
write back
p.s. Please can you get me a jeep?

Dear Hale Children-
Hey Where's the cookies? And the milk? Well, I helped myself to some cocoa- hope you don't mind (I had to even go through your cupboards to find a cup).
Enjoy your toys. Your house looks different this year, you weren't sleeping in the same rooms (I think I almost woke up your Grandma)
Have a Merry Christmas
and a fun New Year!
P.S. Roxanne-- It's not a "Barbie Jeep" but I hope you have fun with it (and I hope you let your little sister ride it sometimes)
(Don't be grumpy on Christmas)

Dear parents,
it was so late I couldn't vacume well I could but I was too tired. So I stayed up ti about 11:15 doing my room but tomorrow I will vacume as well as I can and make sure it stays like that the whole day. I want to make you proud.
love, Roxanne
I love you
(age 9) (I guess I was a slave driver - making my 4th grade daughter stay up through the middle of the night to clean her room!)

I have a letter from Roxanne's Grandpa Hale.  It is in response to a letter Roxanne had written. Roxanne was age 5 1/2 and apparently had written about the pinewood derby, sleeping on the top bunk, and playing in a tree house.  His letter is adorable. He has not been able to communicate (think and write) well for some years so it's fun to remember his 'old' self. He was surprised that she wasn't scared to sleep on a top bunk, he suggested a movie she might like etc. However, he has always had a side of his communication that is distinctly his, for instance, besides responding to the info in her letter, he also included this information to a 5 year old:
It is time to do a lot of work in the raspberries.  Raspberries grow new canes to have fruit on every year and I must take out the old canes and the smaller weak plants so we will get a good crop.   A couple of weeks ago we had a few warm days and I set out a double row of strawberries.  I humped the dirt up so it was for or five inches high and about two feet wide.  Then I covered that with black plastic and put dirt on it along the edges so the wind wouldn't bow it away. Then I cut an "X" in it about four inches on each cut and set in a small strawberry plant and watered them. We saw this method used when we were in Australia dn I decided to try it.
Then the snow was on the ground last week I spread nitrogen on the lawn area.  As the snow melts it will dissolve the nitrogen and make the grass grow fast and green and thick so we will have a special lawn for you to pay on when you come this summer.
(It cracks me up that he told her the measurements in the garden and explained nitrogen for the lawn. He went on to tell her about optimal temperatures in the greenhouse to start his tomatoes , etc)

Anyway, it was fun to read letters and look at school papers and artwork and remember years gone by. I miss being a mother of small kids. Of course I look back and wish I had done some things differently, more effectively, more energetically, etc. But overall, they were fun years for me. I hope the kids will remember their childhood as fun years too.

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