Wednesday, July 10, 2013

things i found while cleaning my phone and camera out

The kids have been all over the place this summer.  The only way I can chat with them is by text.
Most of the time, it's just random nonsense:

Melanie:  "Monsters Inc was awesome.  That's all  :)  "

Melanie: "Look who we ran into at Disneyland!!"

I was filling out an application for Melanie's passport, and getting info via text from her:
Me:  "What color are your eyes?"
Melanie:  "Green with a pinch of blue and a spot of gold.  I call it my little sunshine."
Me:  "There's no option for that. I'm going with Hazel."

Me:  "Sorry to bother you about the phone bill earlier.  I forgot you were at the Happiest Place on Earth today."
Roxanne:  "No . . . Change of plans. We went to the San Diego Zoo today.  Still a fairly happy place though."

Roxanne sent me this photo, and it made my heart almost stop.  Scary!  (And yes, Suzanne, I have taught my children the dangers of cliff jumping. It just didn't take. And also, this is Jonny. I didn't raise him.) (but isn't it an awesome photo?)

Roxanne and Jonny went to the San Diego Zoo and this is one of the photos they sent.  I can't even make this blog picture as small as the screen on my phone. But can you tell what it is??

Melanie, at the end of a long day at Disneyland:  "By the way, I was never meant to be fat.  All this fried food is killing me!"

Then I found some random pictures I had taken:
I'm not sure where I took this picture, or why, but I can't quite figure out the message it conveys. I guess it is just saying "Go sit down". Which if there are chairs available, is a message that doesn't really need to be given in graphic design form. 

It was 107 degrees at 8 p.m.  Documenting it with my camera just made me feel worse. 

This chair, right inside a public bathroom door, startled me at first.  With a quick glance, you'd think there should be a stall door in front of it.

And this one is for you, Suzanne. I know I have mocked your parking skills on a number of occasions.  I saw this under my car when I came out of store the other day.